FriYAYYY-Outfit of the day


This weekend I decided to opt for white pants with the gingham top I rediscovered in my closet. My Friday was spent running errands and the long tunic style top allows movement and ease while I am on my feet.



Makeup and accessories were kept minimal as it’s hot out here and I don’t feel like putting on much during an errands run. However painted my nails in deep hues to get the Autumn mood on and  used my favourite Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 31.

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October Must-Haves


Since I am keeping myself from buying new products doing a favourites post is becoming difficult. However, I still have a few things to share, moreover I am keeping this as October favourites because I have changed a few things in my routine and want to continue with it in the coming months!

1. Deep dark nails

It’s a must to have a few deeper shades in your closet for the winter months hence I grabbed a maroon  which totally sets the mood for the season.


2. Rosy red

Rimmel Kate Moss lip shade in 31 is the best mix of pink and red, I find the color to be a good pick for work and play.

favs Collage

3. Strobbing

Now, I’m a contouring girl but decided to give strobbing a chance. This technique works out marvelously in the dryer months as the skin needs a pick me up treatment. With the right products the sheen on the cheeks results in a fresh outlook.


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One oil 3 ways

Review: L’Oreal ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil

Beautifying oil, Multi-usage (For All Hair Types)

Loreal oil1

I was hesitant to give this oil a try but took a chance and finally got one form the drug store. Its been a couple of months since I have been using it  and the results are worth talking about. The surprising fact, the oil can be used in many ways:

1. Use it as a serum:

This is the usual trick, let your hair air dry a bit after shower and apply a few drops before blow drying or using any hot tools this tames frizz and results in a voluminous blow dry.

2. Use it before the shower:

10-20 minutes before washing your hair, take a few drops of oil on your finger tips, massage into scalp lightly and bring it down to the ends. Braid your hair softly and wash after 10 minutes. This gives moisture to dry scalp moreover massaging increases blood circulation which keeps dandruff away. Oiling to be done only once a week or once in two weeks.This works out best in winter days.

3. Use it on dry hair:

Since winter is around the corner my hair become dry and coarse the second day of my hair wash. I take a few drops and apply to the lengths of my hair away from roots then comb or style, they feel fabulous and lustrous.


I was scared to put it before my blow dry but this oil absorbs fast and works fabulously. The oil can weigh down the hair if you apply more than required, for mid-length hair like mine only a drop or two does the job. It washes away easily when applied to roots so a second shampoo run will not be needed.

I definitely look forward to use the newer version of this oil in stores as soon as I am done with this!

hair oil 3

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Haute Beauty: Autumn/Winter Edition

The low down on Fall/ Winter beauty 2015-2016 trends from the runway

Red lips, statement making or classic, all sorts of reds were seen on the A/W 2015 runways.


Hairgasm, waves (Gucci, Ralph Lauren,Michael Kors) , big bangs (Versace, Valli, Lavin), knots (Victoria Beckham, Channel, Marc Jacobs), mid to low buns (Isabel Marant, Balenciaga,Altuzarra), pontails (Dior, Carolina Herrera, Miu Miu) , deep side parts and glossy hair (Thakoon, Donna Karen, Monique Lhuillier) are all the rage.

hair trendsaw-2015

Graphic eyes, Liners in colors of white (Kenzo), teal or black; smudged (Fendi), classic wing, painted (Dior), splattered do it any way you like is en trend for 2015.


Make a bold statement with the eyes or lips and change up your hair routines to add a new dimension to your beauty look. For more updates follow up with Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest .

The Sassy Editor.

Mail from August!


Starting September I roll out my favourite August products and they are:

L’Oreal Elvive Extra Ordinary (hair) oil: 

I wasn’t expecting much from this drugstore product but it definitely proved me wrong. This product only needs a drop or two and can be applied in damp or dry hair from the length of the hair to the ends. Sometimes I apply it to my roots before washing my hair. I have noticed my hair feel heavier if applied in damp hair hence I dry my hair 70-80% and then apply to the ends before perfecting my blow out.

The Body Shop wooden comb

This is a great comb I have been using for many years. The wood combats dandruff and also helps kill the electricity in the hair around winter time. There are several kinds kept in drugstores but beware they are polished (I actually think they are plastic given a wooden look) that won’t help you one bit.

L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hair spray

I came across the smallest and cutest bottle of hair spray and picked it out to test. It has has a micro diffuser which throws out the finest spray particles and you can still work on your hair. The next day my hair were not oily or stuck like wire which is plus for the product. During the event my hair stayed calm and smelt great.

Beauty UK nail paint

The colour Jade no.52 is such a treat for summers. I want to put it again and again before summers end and it just makes me feel fresh I will definitely be looking out for this one next summers.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

I was lucky to get hold of this and having been loving the effects ever since I started using it a month ago. It cleans makeup and leaves skin smooth.


Definitely check out the hair products as they will be great for autumn and winter coming right around the corner and keep up to date with me on Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest .

Essentials guide 2015: Fall/ Winter edition


What I love about fall and winter is just closing your eyes, smelling the air and bringing all the things that started at the beginning of the year into retrospective, coming across  a weird feeling (every year) that we’ll be closing another year behind us soon and hop onto another roller coaster.

As all things bring change, our wardrobe needs a transformation to keep us warm and chic so let’s begin on what to keep from the summer closet:

Fall’s transitional pieces:

`1. The striped shirt

A classic black and white striped shirt is a great layering item which is in spot light in a big way this year. Whether bright or camel color coats, blazers, sweaters, it nails the perfect Parisian touch.

PicMonkey Collage

2.Dress over pants

Throw in a leather, bomber, varsity jacket, a sweater or a duster coat to add more flare to your style. If you have a high slit flowy dress from the summers it’s a great idea to pair it with ripped denim underneath and a leather jacket on top!

dress over pants

3.Duster coat/Long light cardigan

The floor length light weight coats are perfect to keep you protected form the slight chill in the atmosphere. Get one to last you a while as it will continue to be useful for many years. I saw some great styles at and MISSGUIDED (UK), moreover they are available in blush, camel and Khaki colours which adds a sophisticated touch to your entire look. If you want to mimic the Kim Kardashian look then look no further this is an investment piece for sure.


4. Chambray shirt/Double denim/Denim jacket/Denim overalls

This is a staple at the moment bring out anything denim you have and use it in full swing. Keep the whites or the light washes just throw a sweater, duster coat or scarf around it during the autumn/winter months. Look for more double denim styles here .


Fun Fact: it will be freaking hot till October in my city and I will be craving to try these out for so long. Please comment and tell me your key pieces this fall/winter and check out and Like on Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest .

3 blogger awards


Give a round of applause to the marathon blogger babbajazzleblog , thank you for nominating me for 3 blogger awards . This woman reviews gems (lust worthy makeup items, I mean) and has kids to monitor great inspiration ohh and did I mention she just created a Pinterest worthy home, definitely check out her blog!

Premio Dardos Award 


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Versatile Blogger Award

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Share 10 things about yourself

  1. Sunrise and sunsets are my favourites
  2. Morning coffee is a must
  3. Fancy stationery gets me going
  4. Cloud gazing and star gazing are activities for me
  5. Love seasonal fruits
  6. Love getting henna done
  7. Lipsticks are one of my favourite things in make-up
  8.  My cats, my babies (before babies)
  9. Hooked to Instagram
  10. Love flowers (any kind any time ;))

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My 10 questions 

1. Favourite lipstick brand and colour?

Revlon’s lipstick crayons; kissable balm stains (original and matte)

2. Name a beauty product that you hate?

BB and CC cream,s I have tried to use some so I can at least like them and they all made me greasy, if anyone can suggest any that did not turn greasy on dry/combo skin please let me know.

3. Favourite perfume?

Paco Robbane Lady Million and Ralph Lauren Romance.

4. How many items of make-up are in your daily routine?

Only 3-4 since I started a day job, I have to say I am so upset.

5. What’s your skin care routine?

Cleansing every night. Weekends I cleanse, scrub, mask and tone.

6. Do you contour? What products do you use?

Yes I actually still like it more than strobbing. Kryolan Bronzing powder or the Photoready bronzer by Revlon (sadly not available anymore now) and the E.L.F cream contour dua in St. Lucia (so good) moreover I only use matte bronzing formulas.

7. Favourite makeup brand?

Overall, Revlon I guess.

8. Drugstore or High end makeup?

Ohh I get very few chances to try out high end so I would definitely want to have more high end products.

9. Top makeup tip?

I don’t know if it’s top most but start your eye liner wing from the outside corner!

10. Name something you have bought recently because another blogger has recommended it?

BIODERMA Micellar solution ( I was so glad it is available in my city)

Nominated bloggers for all 3 awards and questions remain same:
2. lafemmecarmen
6.Rustic beauty
7. curlyhairedmessymane
8. lipsticklovely
9. glamourvortex
10. filipinoinsideout

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Tools that Rule (PART 2)

blog3REVIEW: BH Cosmetics Studio Pro 18 Piece Brush Set- Part 2-EYE BRUSHES

This is a review of the rest of the eye brushes included in the 18 piece brush set ( check out Part 1 face brushes ). These brushes were one of my first proper brush sets and I have to admit looking at all the various eye brushes it was a bit over whelming. However, I obviously google-ed and learned so many techniques to put these brushes to the test and I have to say they made my skills better every time so let’s dive in:

18 pc Studio Pro Brush Set1-700x466

1.Tapered blending brush

Use it to blend eye shades or softening harsh lines. The thickness and length of the bristles make it easy for a new user to adapt to the to and fro motion needed for acing the blending technique.

2.Angled shadow brush

Great for making a smokey corners around the end of the eye or if you want a softer liner effect just take this brush and dip in gel liner or black eye shade and keep close to the eye lashes and focus on the end of your eye and pull inwards ( keep the pointed side on the outer side of the eye). Again the thickness of the brush makes it userThis brush i use for the smokey corner.

3.Flat liner brush

It helps me to perfect my brow shape and I also use this for creating more emphasis on the crease to area. It makes eyes more prominent as it adds depth.

4. Small smudge brush

 It picks up the right quantity of powder and never makes the powder formulas fall here and there especially good to use when lining the lower lash line.

5. Large blending brush

This one is a little to big for my eyes, however I use it to contour my nose serves me just fine!

6. Medium shader brush

I will be honest still trying to figure out  a how to use this (lol). I think once people become really good in makeup techniques they also become very particular hence I may learn about the magic after a few more rounds.

7. Pencil Brush

This brush has a pointed tip really good for people who have small or hooded eyes for creating a prominent outer edge and also for highlighting the tear duct area. This brush is good for reaching in small areas.

8. Angled brow and Liner brush:

The brush is a standard for liner (gel, liquid or powder formula) but I find it that the point is not stiff and the bristles spread out here and there and I cannot get a good line.

9.Eye detailing brush

 One of my top favorites I use for lower lash line and filling in my water line.

10. Spooley brush

This is great removing clumps of mascara or brushing through unruly eye brows also combing in clear mascara gel to set the shape of the brows (remember to use light feathery strokes when using this).

11. Fine liner brush

Good for tight lining the eyes or can be used as a lip liner as well. Just please don’t switch between the two without properly cleaning it 😉 I use it for lips mostly and it serves the purpose quite nicely.


Overall I can say as an amateur makeup user these brushes have helped me a lot improving my skills. The bristles are good quality and soft, which is important for the eye area. A great set of brushes especially for people who have newly ventured into makeup and want to master the new found techniques without denting their wallets!

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Contributed by Sharmin Mahbuba  on The Sassy Editor.