Eid Edition: Skin Prep 101


The countdown has begun to Eid & the heat wave is going strong. This is giving me a tough time keeping my skin looking healthy and fresh.

I have been regular in keeping my water intake up to date. Rest I use the following to keep my skin up to the mark.

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I have dry to combination skin so here are a few essentials:

  1. Toner
  2. Moisturizer
  3. The Ordinary face oil
  4. The Body Shop Vit.C scrub
  5. Origins Rose clay mask
  6. Garnier sheet mask
  7. Sunscreen

Even though my skin is dry it reacts differently due to the hot & humid weather. I use a toner for the parts where I have a pore situation around my cheeks. Moisturiser is basic, the oil helps keep the dryness at bay, which I notice if I put heavy makeup. The Ordinary oil is quite heavy for Pakistani weather hence, I have to use it carefully.

Both the mask and scrub are perfect. I can only use the clay mask during the summers as it takes the oiliness from my T-zone and the small particles help cleanse the skin I do this weekly. The Body Shop scrub is a fav all year round, microparticles are easy to glide on the skin and the smell of fresh oranges just brightens up the mood. Your skin will be left squeaky clean.


Currently using the Garnier sheet masks and they are decent. I usually buy a bunch and have been using them every other day. Remember there will be no result if used sparsely. TIP: Use the extra gel on your hands and feet and do not clean the gel on your face after using the sheet. Always leave it to soak up during the night.


Comment below of your favorites & how you are prepping up!

The Sassy Editor!



The Royal Update!

The British royal family started the celebrations for the Queen’s 92nd birthday with the Trooping the Color parade. The newlyweds, Meghan and Harry (Duke & Duchess of Sussex) are back for their honeymoon (and did you notice the glow).

Outfit-Carolina Herrera with Phillip Tracey hat

Any ideas on their secret honeymoon destination? Some tabs claimed Namibia some went on to confirm reports in Canada. But one thing is for sure that it was a hot/tropical destination with beaches and adventures (I believe it was in Africa). Why I say so is because did you notice the lovely tan on Meghan Merkle, definitely they took their time at the beaches or the poolside:)

HM The Queen Attends Trooping The Colour Trooping the Colour

Kate dressed as traditionally as possible, in a pale blue and simple dress, however, went big on the jewelry with huge diamond drop earrings.


gettyimages-970326204-1528550912Savannah and George

The kids were been cheeky nonetheless adding the humor during the parade!

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The Sassy Editor!


Eid Edition: Makeup Looks

Finally, I have my outfit for Eid and now on to the next hurdle, makeup look.


My shirt is white and I will be pairing a colorful dupatta but I’m still deciding if my pants should be black or white since I always opt for white on white combination. Besides that though I have a lot to pick and choose for my makeup look since white will go with any other color.

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However, we have the heat wave going on so I guess heavy looks will be out of question! I will have to focus on light looks and something that is long lasting. I would prefer matte eyes and subtle glowy face. I can’t bank on glow much as well since I will be sweating and the oily sheen is ever ready to show up. Anyways head to my Pinterest festive board for all the Eid inspirations that I am following.

Untitled design
Love the underliner idea with simple makeup

Comment below on your Eid looks and what you are planning.

The Sassy Editor!

Beauty Bites: Ramadan Shopping


Beauty Bites

As the season gears into the 2nd part, I ran to stock up for some essentials and getting sucked into buying a few new items.

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L.A Pro Concealer: not my first choice but unfortunately Maybelline Fit Me (25) was out of stock. I find it thick to blend, however, the color Pure Beige suits well with my Pakistani/wheatish skin tone and does conceal so had to settle. I find this is not long lasting in the hot/humid weather of Karachi but I’ll have to work on layering the product to keep in intact.

Luscious Contour Brush: this is thick and the bristles are tightly packed cut on an angle to give precise contouring yet blendable look. I just don’t want it to shed as soon as their buffing brush did.

Essie nail color: ‘Where’s my chauffeur?’ my favorite, the blue is the best for Pakistani/wheatish skin tones.

Untitled design.jpg

Makeup Revolution, Luxury Banana Powder: my newest find. This is obviously a lower end look-alike of the Ben Nye Luxury Banana powder. I will update a review soon. Let me know what your experience was of the product.

Share your must-haves and add to the conversation!

The Sassy Editor!

Ramadan Time!

Ramzan 2018 is here and this brings such a positive vibe amongst everyone in the Muslim community. The prayers, long nights, food, there is excitement in the air.

Ramadan Kareem

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My last min preps usually are spent on stocking special items like pheni for sehri (breakfast), prepare my homemade yogurt getting the dough prepped for paratas. The dates need to stock up and small things need to be ready like crushed sugar and all vegetables chopped for omelets.

The menu is decided for sehri (breakfast before the fasting time starts) and iftari (the breaking of the fast) the most exciting times of the day.

Ramadan Kareem (2)

Join in the comments and share your last min preps, I’d love to read it and join in on my channels for all the latest on Ramadan!

The Sassy Editor!


Surprise Her!

Happy Mother's day!

Stressed, depressed but never rest=Mothers

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I’m sure all mothers can feel the statement. At least it’s true for my mum, she juggles 50 things at one time and still going strong. I fall so many times multitasking but it’s like she’s aced it. Off course though all moms have their moments too. Since Mother’s day is around the corner here are a few ideas to make their day special:

Idea 1- A day out:

Send your mom with her friends on a day out to relax and enjoy some luxury shopping/lunch or dinner. You can also set up a favorite movie and prep snacks so they can lay back and relax. Get your mom’s friends kids together and plan they day!

Idea 2- Revamp her room:

This can take time and effort but there is still time. Check for fittings in her closet and other areas. Moms love practical things get new bedding set/bathroom accessories/ redo, maybe a new furniture item/painting. Send your parents to a breakfast this Sunday and make the changes, it will be a nice surprise to come back to.

Idea 3- Buy her a ticket for a vacay for a few days:

Ideal for so many but moms become so stressed about the life they are making they forget they can take a few days off. Take them off guard and make them take a solo vacation.

Idea 4- Summer BBQ 

Throw a BBQ party in your back yard and can invite the moms in the family. Make this is a surprise for the mums because they tend to get supper stressed on home parties. Get the food prepped and send them for a spa in the morning so everything can be prepped before they land back home.

Untitled design (1)

Now get started already and plan for a stress free day for your mom. Don’t forget to share your ideas below, would love to have some for more references.

Ciao ciao,

The Sassy Editor.



Recently my attention has been drawn towards the wide leg slit pants making an appearance in the market. They are fitted from the top and slightly loosens up knee below.

The slit pants look good with crop tops, short fitted tops, also tunic style shirts which are below the waist.

Style it up withshort & long shirts!

The ones I have are full length with slits including button and embroidered detailing. They come in comfortable cotton material perfect for the blazing summers. It’s a nice break from all the straight pants I have been sporting for a while.

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Untitled design
Zubir Churrasqueira in Lisboa-Best halaal food
Arrival in Porto
Riverside in Porto-Beautiful place to sit after shopping in the surrounding area, you can find a string of cafes on both the sides of the river.
Praca do Comercio in Lisbon-Beautiful architecture leading to the Tagus river view
Santa Justa Lift in the streets of Lisbon-Go to the top for great views of Lisbon
My view from my AirBnB
Sao Bento Palace-Home to the Portuguese Parliament

Portugal is not only budget friendly for the travelers but also aligned with beautiful architecture. The mix of historical and avant garde architectural buildings is just a magnificent sight. You can find a lot of graffiti around Portugal and it’s a treat to see different perspectives of various street artists.


The people are humble and helpful. You can travel on trams/metro or buses around the cities (get the pass from the metro station), for travelling to other cities their trains are best however, fares change during rush hours or peak travel seasons.

Some hefty fish n chips with fries at Algarve

Sintra is another hilly spot to visit just outside Lisbon. I visited in November hence, it was chilly for me and had to grab the jacket and long coat.  Please do not try using Google maps as the routes are not aligned, should try another app known as WAZE according to a friend this works well around Europe. Uber is much more cost effective than local taxi. There’s a lot to see on long walks, cobblestone streets and steep roads up and down hence, comfortable shoes are a must.

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Aloha Weekend! D.I.Y Duties


Making the most of the dry hot weather, I take all the effort to make D.I.Y masks for face/hair on the weekends.

Hair mask:

  • Egg yolk
  • 2 Vit. E capsules
  • Coconut oil

My scalp is dry hence, it has helped in keeping it moist and the hair less tangled. The frizz still needs to be worked upon maybe it’s also due to by blow drying the hair.


I leave it for 15 mins max, otherwise I always experience my hair breaking while washing. Application should be focused on the roots, if your ends are dry and feel brittle, you may try to add mayonnaise from the bottom to mid length, 5 mins before washing.



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The Sassy Editor!