Brewing-Outfit of the day



It’s still hot out here hence I decided to go with a light traditional long shirt (kurta)  with minimal colors and print. This is how we do ‘dress over pants’. I chose chunky bangles and decided to go with slightly more makeup on the eyes than I do on other days.  I kept the lips nude and chose to continue with strobbing on the face (here) , sadly as I was in hurry so I could not grab a picture for the completed face look.


I have been trying out the Lorac Pro (1) palette lately and loving it. The shades used here are mauve on the lid, sable and espresso on the corners and light pink on the tear duct area. Ohh and I also forgot to put mascara altogether.

LOL I look funny!

This may not be the best OOTD you have seen but support a girl who is trying to blog regularly and mistakes show I am human and also it pushes one to do better. For more quirk and kicks join my Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest !


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