October Must-Haves


Since I am keeping myself from buying new products doing a favourites post is becoming difficult. However, I still have a few things to share, moreover I am keeping this as October favourites because I have changed a few things in my routine and want to continue with it in the coming months!

1. Deep dark nails

It’s a must to have a few deeper shades in your closet for the winter months hence I grabbed a maroon  which totally sets the mood for the season.


2. Rosy red

Rimmel Kate Moss lip shade in 31 is the best mix of pink and red, I find the color to be a good pick for work and play.

favs Collage

3. Strobbing

Now, I’m a contouring girl but decided to give strobbing a chance. This technique works out marvelously in the dryer months as the skin needs a pick me up treatment. With the right products the sheen on the cheeks results in a fresh outlook.


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