Mail from August!


Starting September I roll out my favourite August products and they are:

L’Oreal Elvive Extra Ordinary (hair) oil: 

I wasn’t expecting much from this drugstore product but it definitely proved me wrong. This product only needs a drop or two and can be applied in damp or dry hair from the length of the hair to the ends. Sometimes I apply it to my roots before washing my hair. I have noticed my hair feel heavier if applied in damp hair hence I dry my hair 70-80% and then apply to the ends before perfecting my blow out.

The Body Shop wooden comb

This is a great comb I have been using for many years. The wood combats dandruff and also helps kill the electricity in the hair around winter time. There are several kinds kept in drugstores but beware they are polished (I actually think they are plastic given a wooden look) that won’t help you one bit.

L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hair spray

I came across the smallest and cutest bottle of hair spray and picked it out to test. It has has a micro diffuser which throws out the finest spray particles and you can still work on your hair. The next day my hair were not oily or stuck like wire which is plus for the product. During the event my hair stayed calm and smelt great.

Beauty UK nail paint

The colour Jade no.52 is such a treat for summers. I want to put it again and again before summers end and it just makes me feel fresh I will definitely be looking out for this one next summers.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

I was lucky to get hold of this and having been loving the effects ever since I started using it a month ago. It cleans makeup and leaves skin smooth.


Definitely check out the hair products as they will be great for autumn and winter coming right around the corner and keep up to date with me on Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest .


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