Essentials guide 2015: Fall/ Winter edition


What I love about fall and winter is just closing your eyes, smelling the air and bringing all the things that started at the beginning of the year into retrospective, coming across  a weird feeling (every year) that we’ll be closing another year behind us soon and hop onto another roller coaster.

As all things bring change, our wardrobe needs a transformation to keep us warm and chic so let’s begin on what to keep from the summer closet:

Fall’s transitional pieces:

`1. The striped shirt

A classic black and white striped shirt is a great layering item which is in spot light in a big way this year. Whether bright or camel color coats, blazers, sweaters, it nails the perfect Parisian touch.

PicMonkey Collage

2.Dress over pants

Throw in a leather, bomber, varsity jacket, a sweater or a duster coat to add more flare to your style. If you have a high slit flowy dress from the summers it’s a great idea to pair it with ripped denim underneath and a leather jacket on top!

dress over pants

3.Duster coat/Long light cardigan

The floor length light weight coats are perfect to keep you protected form the slight chill in the atmosphere. Get one to last you a while as it will continue to be useful for many years. I saw some great styles at and MISSGUIDED (UK), moreover they are available in blush, camel and Khaki colours which adds a sophisticated touch to your entire look. If you want to mimic the Kim Kardashian look then look no further this is an investment piece for sure.


4. Chambray shirt/Double denim/Denim jacket/Denim overalls

This is a staple at the moment bring out anything denim you have and use it in full swing. Keep the whites or the light washes just throw a sweater, duster coat or scarf around it during the autumn/winter months. Look for more double denim styles here .


Fun Fact: it will be freaking hot till October in my city and I will be craving to try these out for so long. Please comment and tell me your key pieces this fall/winter and check out and Like on Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest .


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