3 blogger awards


Give a round of applause to the marathon blogger babbajazzleblog , thank you for nominating me for 3 blogger awards . This woman reviews gems (lust worthy makeup items, I mean) and has kids to monitor great inspiration ohh and did I mention she just created a Pinterest worthy home, definitely check out her blog!

Premio Dardos Award 


Give thanks to person who nominated you

Pass on the award to other bloggers and let them know they have been nominated!


Versatile Blogger Award

Give thanks to the person who nominated you

Share 10 things about yourself

  1. Sunrise and sunsets are my favourites
  2. Morning coffee is a must
  3. Fancy stationery gets me going
  4. Cloud gazing and star gazing are activities for me
  5. Love seasonal fruits
  6. Love getting henna done
  7. Lipsticks are one of my favourite things in make-up
  8.  My cats, my babies (before babies)
  9. Hooked to Instagram
  10. Love flowers (any kind any time ;))

Nominate 10 bloggers and notify them that they have been nominated

beauty blogger award

Beauty Blogger Award 


Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you

Answer the 10 questions you were given

Nominate 10 people whose blog is about fashion or beauty

Make 10 questions for your bloggers to answer

Let the bloggers know you have nominated them

My 10 questions 

1. Favourite lipstick brand and colour?

Revlon’s lipstick crayons; kissable balm stains (original and matte)

2. Name a beauty product that you hate?

BB and CC cream,s I have tried to use some so I can at least like them and they all made me greasy, if anyone can suggest any that did not turn greasy on dry/combo skin please let me know.

3. Favourite perfume?

Paco Robbane Lady Million and Ralph Lauren Romance.

4. How many items of make-up are in your daily routine?

Only 3-4 since I started a day job, I have to say I am so upset.

5. What’s your skin care routine?

Cleansing every night. Weekends I cleanse, scrub, mask and tone.

6. Do you contour? What products do you use?

Yes I actually still like it more than strobbing. Kryolan Bronzing powder or the Photoready bronzer by Revlon (sadly not available anymore now) and the E.L.F cream contour dua in St. Lucia (so good) moreover I only use matte bronzing formulas.

7. Favourite makeup brand?

Overall, Revlon I guess.

8. Drugstore or High end makeup?

Ohh I get very few chances to try out high end so I would definitely want to have more high end products.

9. Top makeup tip?

I don’t know if it’s top most but start your eye liner wing from the outside corner!

10. Name something you have bought recently because another blogger has recommended it?

BIODERMA Micellar solution ( I was so glad it is available in my city)

Nominated bloggers for all 3 awards and questions remain same:
2. lafemmecarmen
6.Rustic beauty
7. curlyhairedmessymane
8. lipsticklovely
9. glamourvortex
10. filipinoinsideout

I hope you enjoy the post and don’t forget to check out my Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest .

The Sassy Editor.


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