Tools that Rule (PART 2)

blog3REVIEW: BH Cosmetics Studio Pro 18 Piece Brush Set- Part 2-EYE BRUSHES

This is a review of the rest of the eye brushes included in the 18 piece brush set ( check out Part 1 face brushes ). These brushes were one of my first proper brush sets and I have to admit looking at all the various eye brushes it was a bit over whelming. However, I obviously google-ed and learned so many techniques to put these brushes to the test and I have to say they made my skills better every time so let’s dive in:

18 pc Studio Pro Brush Set1-700x466

1.Tapered blending brush

Use it to blend eye shades or softening harsh lines. The thickness and length of the bristles make it easy for a new user to adapt to the to and fro motion needed for acing the blending technique.

2.Angled shadow brush

Great for making a smokey corners around the end of the eye or if you want a softer liner effect just take this brush and dip in gel liner or black eye shade and keep close to the eye lashes and focus on the end of your eye and pull inwards ( keep the pointed side on the outer side of the eye). Again the thickness of the brush makes it userThis brush i use for the smokey corner.

3.Flat liner brush

It helps me to perfect my brow shape and I also use this for creating more emphasis on the crease to area. It makes eyes more prominent as it adds depth.

4. Small smudge brush

 It picks up the right quantity of powder and never makes the powder formulas fall here and there especially good to use when lining the lower lash line.

5. Large blending brush

This one is a little to big for my eyes, however I use it to contour my nose serves me just fine!

6. Medium shader brush

I will be honest still trying to figure out  a how to use this (lol). I think once people become really good in makeup techniques they also become very particular hence I may learn about the magic after a few more rounds.

7. Pencil Brush

This brush has a pointed tip really good for people who have small or hooded eyes for creating a prominent outer edge and also for highlighting the tear duct area. This brush is good for reaching in small areas.

8. Angled brow and Liner brush:

The brush is a standard for liner (gel, liquid or powder formula) but I find it that the point is not stiff and the bristles spread out here and there and I cannot get a good line.

9.Eye detailing brush

 One of my top favorites I use for lower lash line and filling in my water line.

10. Spooley brush

This is great removing clumps of mascara or brushing through unruly eye brows also combing in clear mascara gel to set the shape of the brows (remember to use light feathery strokes when using this).

11. Fine liner brush

Good for tight lining the eyes or can be used as a lip liner as well. Just please don’t switch between the two without properly cleaning it 😉 I use it for lips mostly and it serves the purpose quite nicely.


Overall I can say as an amateur makeup user these brushes have helped me a lot improving my skills. The bristles are good quality and soft, which is important for the eye area. A great set of brushes especially for people who have newly ventured into makeup and want to master the new found techniques without denting their wallets!

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Contributed by Sharmin Mahbuba  on The Sassy Editor.


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