July Favourites

Here’s a quick run down some essentials I shall keep working on in August:


1. The Body Shop, Vitamin E face mist


I really enjoy it for work days as air conditioning can dry skin out so I try to spray some after a few hours on my face for a revived 2nd half. However simple rose water in a spray bottle would work just as good and i will add that once this is finished.

2. Beauty UK nail color in smoky lilac


This is a must-have for me. Any mauve/lilac shades for the nails just binds the outfit and makeup together for any day.

3. Jensen Relaxing Massage Creme


The zesty orange scent freshens up the mind. The formula is a thick creme only take a few dollops for face and neck. Wet palms with hot water and message into skin softly down to your neck. The result is clean and glowing skin!

4. Detox water


Water infused with mint leaves, lemon wedges, freshly grated ginger and sliced cucumber just adds instant energy, makes skin vibrant and detoxifies toxins from the body. Make this your long term staple to see the effects yourself.

5. The Body Shop,Β Almond Hand and Nail creme


This is a miracle worker for the hands. If you have dry skin or face extreme wrinkling on hands in winters this is the nutrient they need. This creme absorbs quickly and makes them shiny as if they are saying “Hello Sunshine”. The balance of intense moisturization and quick absorption is unique. A great creme to lather quickly before work or any event to make your hands stand out.

Hope you enjoyed a quick favorites put your down in the comments and check out my Instagram Twitter Facebook and Pinterest


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