Morning routine 101

Busy days at work just compromise makeup choices in the morning. However it taught me few things can make a refined appearance as well!


1. Concealer: I usually use a concealer close to my skin color not lighter and in yellow beige tones gives more coverage.

2. Bronzer: Light touches just sculpt the face and adds some depth to the features.

3. Lipstick: A bit of nude depending on your skin tone will set the neutral tone/make a statement with matte orange/coral of rosy pink. I keep on changing my lip colors every day!

4. Face compact: Always keep a wet and dry formula, they give more coverage. Buff the powder ideally with a kabuki brush on the rest of the face down to the neck.

5. Brown eye pencil: Carrying the same black from work to evening is getting monotonous for me. I keep a Β bronze brown pencil to line the eyes for work. This shade gives a softer look but also makes eyes prominent.

6. Lip gloss: I keep a nude lip gloss to just give a sheen to my lips during the second half of work day to freshen things up!

Forgive the daisies i was playing with pic monkey app πŸ˜‰

List of products:

  1. Kryolan Bronzer
  2. Luscious cosmetics concealer
  3. Bourjois concealer
  4. Bourjois Effect Smoky eye pencil
  5. Rimmel Nude in Asia 007(pink nude) (the other one is beige nude)
  6. Luscious cosmetics pressed powder (can be used wet and dry)

Make sure to have lots of water during the day so less makeup won’t makeup you look fuzzy! Comment below on your morning favorites and Like on Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Follow on WordPressΒ !


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