Squeaky Clean!

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy wash

We’ve all had those nights when we sleep with our makeup. However the rule is to clean first no matter what. Woken up with a slimy, swollen face where foundation seeped its way into the pores. That requires a double clean up routine and no room for applying makeup for several hours as the skin needs to breathe otherwise, just wait for those red pimples to pop up in no time.

IMG_0483The answer to the problem: The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Cool and Creamy wash. I apply makeup almost everyday, even though I clean up regularly there are times when I am downright tired and just use this wash. Since I have started using this I find my skin to be squeaky clean.

The formula contains peppermint which makes the face feel light and even calms the swollen look. It even calms the redness after threading or waxing.The smell might be a little medicated however, it’s not strong and doesn’t  linger.


The tea tree collection is especially made for blemished skin. They claim “skin spotlessly clean without over drying.” This I found true, I have dry skin and it didn’t make it more dry after wash. I have few acne problems now hence can’t say much on how much it reduced acne but it is soothing nonetheless.

Rating: 8/10
Repurchase: Yes (I am currently using the 2nd bottle)

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