Greetings galore: Eid edition

WOW time is flying, it seems like yesterday that I posted about the month of Ramadan (read here It’s detox time! ) and guess what it’s one week since Eid already. This one month came and went with the spirit of a whirlwind, I have no idea what else to call it.


To sum up last week, the day just before is comes with its own excitement (known as chand raat in Urdu meaning the night of the moon as we follow the Lunar calendar for our events). The moon has to be sighted and announced by the heads of the Islamic councils of the respective country the curiosity nearly kills us (lol). Getting henna is one of the best parts of this festival. Once you are out of your home you cannot spot one lane in residential or commercial areas without a tent (which is set up for henna application) moreover malls, salons and even clothing shops offer this service. I have to sing, it’s a lady’s night (remember that song). The streets are lit up and the shopping areas/food places are open way past mid night. The hustle is real ladies.

left: Chand raat (the eve) outfit, Center: Eid day1, Right: Eid day2.

Enjoy my OOTDs from the 3 days. Almost everyday I sported a bright lip, contoured cheeks with a clean base everywhere else around the face!

The day of Eid we first offer Eid prayers in a large gathering and then start the festivities. Obviously this doesn’t go without lots of great food and sweet delicacies. First day I usually go and meet my relatives and second day everyone comes to our place and third day we keep for friends. I miss this already.

I hope everyone who celebrated had a great time and everyone who doesn’t celebrate this just have fun reading! Follow my blog on WordPress Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest and join in the conversation on fashion, beauty and lifestyle!


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