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Review: Revlon Color Stay Photo Ready creme blush

The Revlon Photo Ready creme blush comes in 3 blush shades, a coral, a nude shade (with shimmer) and a bright pink (Flushed Rougissant no. 200). I purchased the pink a while back and have been testing it out.

Flushed Rougissant no.200-(Picture with flash)
First up, this product has a lemony scent to it. I do not like scents, however it wards off after a few minutes of application.
This pink looks very bright but it’s not strong over application and blends smoothly. It just gives the perfect soft,  flushed look. When I started using the creme blush it came across as a matte pink and not very shiny or overtly frosted however, there is a bit of sheen to it. If someone likes a matte finish this is not bad at all as the shimmer is subtle. Revlon’s creme blushes are best for the no.1 summer beauty trend (for quite some seasons) the ‘no makeup makeup look’.
This color look absolutely marvelous on wheatish/tan skin tones and will come out brighter on fair skin tones.
Picture without flash
Picture without flash

Unfortunately it doesn’t last very long so you need to keep it in your purse in case for touch ups during the day.  If a powder blush is applied over it the product may give a more long lasting result.

The packaging is sleek and compact. The formula is in a thick transparent plastic round pot, easy to carry in purse/clutch or bring it on a travel excursion.
The Result:
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