The Denim edit: Double denim dreams

Carrying the double denim trend has never been this big than now. This is one bad ass trend that can transform from edgy to classic and completely feminine. Dubbed as a tacky outfit stemming from the 70’s and 80’s here are a few principles to keep up with the modern version:

The key:

1. Wear two different washes:  Pair a light wash denim top with dark denim bottoms or vise versa. Usually the former works best as it contours the lower half of the body.


2. If you wear the same wash top and bottom, break the monotony by choosing chunky accessories e.g a statement bag/chunky jewelry or bright shoes.


3. Pair with different colored denim: The classics always look chic. Blue denim shirts and jackets with white/black/grey jeans looks smart.


Denim can be a heavy fabric to wear top and bottom hence opt for chambray shirts that look like denim. It resembles the denim look and is a lighter fabric then denim which provides comfort. Actually most of the shirt dresses and tops at the moment in retail shops that resemble denim are actually of chambray fabric.


(lol the background plants excuse this as there is construction going on in my house)

I chose to accessorize with chunky arm bracelets

This trend can be carried from morning till night from casual outings, evening events or work days. The pieces can be styled with other fabrics and together giving them the statement feel.

Are you sporting this trend? Let me know in the comments below and join me on Pinterest for more denim inspiration:

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