Squeaky Clean!

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy wash

We’ve all had those nights when we sleep with our makeup. However the rule is to clean first no matter what. Woken up with a slimy, swollen face where foundation seeped its way into the pores. That requires a double clean up routine and no room for applying makeup for several hours as the skin needs to breathe otherwise, just wait for those red pimples to pop up in no time.

IMG_0483The answer to the problem: The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Cool and Creamy wash. I apply makeup almost everyday, even though I clean up regularly there are times when I am downright tired and just use this wash. Since I have started using this I find my skin to be squeaky clean.

The formula contains peppermint which makes the face feel light and even calms the swollen look. It even calms the redness after threading or waxing.The smell might be a little medicated however, it’s not strong and doesn’t  linger.


The tea tree collection is especially made for blemished skin. They claim “skin spotlessly clean without over drying.” This I found true, I have dry skin and it didn’t make it more dry after wash. I have few acne problems now hence can’t say much on how much it reduced acne but it is soothing nonetheless.

Rating: 8/10
Repurchase: Yes (I am currently using the 2nd bottle)

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In focus: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba nails style and beauty trends every time she walks the red carpet or running errands around town.

This beauty icon has made elegant choices that can be followed day and night.  Alba’s style cannot be summed up as any one kind as she experiments and changes her look constantly. She goes retro then edges her look with leather jackets or deep/dark red lip/black smokey eyes and takes it to lady like status in tulle skirts or sleek, straights cuts. Here are some examples that can serve as inspiration for your fashion and beauty routines!

The Fashion weeks and Red Carpets:





Work wear Ideas:

Work doesn’t always has to be boring and stay in the same colors of blues, blacks and white maybe until it’s a law firm. Jessica does a great job of providing ideas for work wear which can range from classic, subtle to fun.


Since pastels are in trend you can opt for beige/lavender colors as well.The peach/pastel colored pants are so soothing on the eyes and great for tough days. Loving the way she coordinated with a simple stripe shirt (easily found in everyone’s closet) and a navy blazer (a must for everyone working or not)!


The floral printed skirt is versatile, it can be an easy day work outfit (think Fridays) and use it for dinner with friends straight from work. Think printed pants with solid color top and blazer, goes in the came category.

Cotton button downs are hands down a must have for this season. Have it in white and any shade of blue with stripes. Stripe button downs are becoming a holy grail item to nailing perfect outfit days. They can be subtle and sexy in no time (hmm just be careful to button up at work 😉 )


Nailing the monochromes.

The street style Star:3

I just love the denim she sports. Pay close attention to the shoes here one of each kind in your closet will last a good time for this and coming seasons from the offices to the streets!


Simple dresses topped up with denim jackets this is how denim has evolved these past seasons and looking new. Wear your chambray shirt if you don’t have a denim jacket!




This year, Jessica debuted with a bob/lob and softer, blended high lighted hair. She is an icon for any one looking for hair inspiration for their next salon appointment. If you want balayage/ombre/sombre/bronde/sun-kissed highlights/face framing highlights you got to take direction from this starlet.



Her makeup focuses on eyeliner and good deep/ dark lip color and neat brows mostly. She is my ultimate style icon as she not only makes great choices but gives people like us great ideas to upgrade our fashion and style without spending much as we can find those things in our closets.

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Greetings galore: Eid edition

WOW time is flying, it seems like yesterday that I posted about the month of Ramadan (read here It’s detox time! ) and guess what it’s one week since Eid already. This one month came and went with the spirit of a whirlwind, I have no idea what else to call it.


To sum up last week, the day just before is comes with its own excitement (known as chand raat in Urdu meaning the night of the moon as we follow the Lunar calendar for our events). The moon has to be sighted and announced by the heads of the Islamic councils of the respective country the curiosity nearly kills us (lol). Getting henna is one of the best parts of this festival. Once you are out of your home you cannot spot one lane in residential or commercial areas without a tent (which is set up for henna application) moreover malls, salons and even clothing shops offer this service. I have to sing, it’s a lady’s night (remember that song). The streets are lit up and the shopping areas/food places are open way past mid night. The hustle is real ladies.

left: Chand raat (the eve) outfit, Center: Eid day1, Right: Eid day2.

Enjoy my OOTDs from the 3 days. Almost everyday I sported a bright lip, contoured cheeks with a clean base everywhere else around the face!

The day of Eid we first offer Eid prayers in a large gathering and then start the festivities. Obviously this doesn’t go without lots of great food and sweet delicacies. First day I usually go and meet my relatives and second day everyone comes to our place and third day we keep for friends. I miss this already.

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Love/Hate Tag


Thank you to sprinkleofsurprise for nominating me for the tag. Please check out her lovely blog she works hard at it!


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10 things I hate:

1. Lazy days

2. Staring at Facebook endlessly

3. Texting

4. Egg yolks

5.Sheer lip colours

6. Sweating too much

7. Things not in place/messy rooms

9. Nails that are not clean and filed the least.

10. Dim lit rooms/restaurants

10 things I love:

1. Star gazing

2. Early mornings

3. keeping my nails filed/clean and painted

4. Reading

5. Putting outfits together

6. Getting ready for an event/occasion

7. Pinterest/Instagram

8. Checking off my to do lists and goals list

9. Morning coffee

10. My cats

I nominate:
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Pop Of Pink!

summer banner

Review: Revlon Color Stay Photo Ready creme blush

The Revlon Photo Ready creme blush comes in 3 blush shades, a coral, a nude shade (with shimmer) and a bright pink (Flushed Rougissant no. 200). I purchased the pink a while back and have been testing it out.

Flushed Rougissant no.200-(Picture with flash)
First up, this product has a lemony scent to it. I do not like scents, however it wards off after a few minutes of application.
This pink looks very bright but it’s not strong over application and blends smoothly. It just gives the perfect soft,  flushed look. When I started using the creme blush it came across as a matte pink and not very shiny or overtly frosted however, there is a bit of sheen to it. If someone likes a matte finish this is not bad at all as the shimmer is subtle. Revlon’s creme blushes are best for the no.1 summer beauty trend (for quite some seasons) the ‘no makeup makeup look’.
This color look absolutely marvelous on wheatish/tan skin tones and will come out brighter on fair skin tones.
Picture without flash
Picture without flash

Unfortunately it doesn’t last very long so you need to keep it in your purse in case for touch ups during the day.  If a powder blush is applied over it the product may give a more long lasting result.

The packaging is sleek and compact. The formula is in a thick transparent plastic round pot, easy to carry in purse/clutch or bring it on a travel excursion.
The Result:
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First of all I thank the amazing babbajazzleblog for nominating me, everyone check out her blog and Instagram one hell of an active blooger and responds asap to queries!

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1.Trying to stop buying makeup so I can finish my current products

2.Total cat person. Have two Max and Coco.

3.Love nail painting especially the mauve/lavender shades since a few seasons

4. People are crazy for long hair in my country and when I cut them I always get a sigh (OMG you love short hair): the point I like healthy hair and have accepted my hair don’t grow healthy after passing a certain length. Always want to experiment with hair color and hair cuts.

5. Accepted pimples as well; if they show up I deal with them (don’t get me wrong I do try to take care of my skin but there are times they show up and I go like Ok).

6. Perfection is not my forte. I try to work with what I have and make the best of it.

7.Working for exciting dreams to come true, I hope I work hard enough!

I nominate:

1. itstartedinoxford
2. eternalglobetrotter
3. bwithbeautynumz
4. 30andcracked
5. thestylematriarch
6. Beautitude
7. Beauty & The Blonde

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Honey Shrink’up those Pores!

Experiencing open pores is not the best feeling in the world. Applying makeup becomes a misery as layers of it makes the face look cakey and less would not give a smooth finish. Hence try out a simple D.I.Y I learned, so far its been working for me.

1 tbsp lemon juice
less than a cup rose water
1/2 cup cucumber juice


Mix and apply on the pores and sit for 10-15 minutes then wash.

I recommend using this as a cleanser before applying makeup. It gives a smooth and fresh face. Add moisturizer and do not forget the neck area.

Try day and night like a cleanser and slowly just make it once a day. If you use it as a mask in the beginning you might want to do this everyday and then reduce the use. Remember to moisturize so that your pores are not exposed and are protected. You should be able to see the difference around a month!

Remember using all natural ingredients takes time to give results than using a product.

Sunblock is very important as heat can make big pores worse so be careful. Try this out and let me know more on what you do to reduce the appearance of pores:


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The Denim edit: Double denim dreams

Carrying the double denim trend has never been this big than now. This is one bad ass trend that can transform from edgy to classic and completely feminine. Dubbed as a tacky outfit stemming from the 70’s and 80’s here are a few principles to keep up with the modern version:

The key:

1. Wear two different washes:  Pair a light wash denim top with dark denim bottoms or vise versa. Usually the former works best as it contours the lower half of the body.


2. If you wear the same wash top and bottom, break the monotony by choosing chunky accessories e.g a statement bag/chunky jewelry or bright shoes.


3. Pair with different colored denim: The classics always look chic. Blue denim shirts and jackets with white/black/grey jeans looks smart.


Denim can be a heavy fabric to wear top and bottom hence opt for chambray shirts that look like denim. It resembles the denim look and is a lighter fabric then denim which provides comfort. Actually most of the shirt dresses and tops at the moment in retail shops that resemble denim are actually of chambray fabric.


(lol the background plants excuse this as there is construction going on in my house)

I chose to accessorize with chunky arm bracelets

This trend can be carried from morning till night from casual outings, evening events or work days. The pieces can be styled with other fabrics and together giving them the statement feel.

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