Summer baked updates!

Hello everybody!

First up, I am missing out on my posts as there was a heatwave in my city. The temperatures were record breaking and with majority of people fasting, you can imagine the situation was anything but pretty. However, I also believe I should manage my time better and be regular.

Anyways this post is basically my outfit and minimalist of makeup I guess I have ever worn because it was literally 44 degrees Celsius and this weather sucked the energy out of me.


  1. Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer under the eyes and around the nose (basically making a triangle under the eye).
  2. L’Oreal Million Lashes mascara and lash curler
  3. Light touch of L’Oreal blush in Golden apricot. Just applied on the high points of checks
  4. Rimmel lipstick in Asia 077

IMG_20150620_180735I completely forgot to do my brows I did comb them though. I was difficult to take a picture in decent day light.

IMG_20150424_191313 copy

My outfit is a traditional shalwar-kameez that is worn in my country. This clothing style consists of 3 pieces opposed to two basic shirt and pants in the west. The shalwar (bottom/pants) are traditionally different than the ones I am wearing. This is the modern version that has been added and the traditional shalwar has been replaced by pants or cigarette pants. The long orange cloth is a dupatta, it’s a longer/rectangular version of a scarf. We need it to cover our heads for specific reasons/times hence in our traditional wear this is a regular. The kameez (shirt) is a long tunic (as known in the west).

Generally we wear a lot of prints than people in the west. Embroideries and patterns are important wearing solids are reserved to specific styles or to western outfits that we also wear.

I hope you enjoyed this light-hearted post and join me on:



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