Beauty Blogger Award!


First thanks a lot to lipglossbookworm for nominating me for the Beauty Blogger Award! She has some amazing product reviews so everyone must check it and is a very supportive blogger I must say!

The questions:

1. Lip Crayons or Lipstick : Preference?

OOO… I am a huge lipstick fan but these days I am leaning towards lip crayons. I love the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains and their matte version OMG full on color and very good lasting power stays even after you have food!

2. Who’s your favorite celebrity style inspiration?

I can’t name one Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham and Jenna Lyons.

3. Would you rather live without purple, green, or blue eye shadow?

Yes lol. I haven’t gone that experimental yet with my makeup.

4. In your travel bag or purse what is one beauty product?


5. Best moisturizing shampoo ever?

I really liked Davines Nourishing shampoo I found good for my fine hair but too sad I don’t get it in my city anymore.

6. Favorite scented makeup?

Omg I do not like scented makeup. I think it clashes with my perfume and there will be to much scent. I remember getting Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and being like omg it smells and not a fan of fruity scents was not happy. Though did get it and loved that product

7. Which brand do you think has the best eye products?

I don’t have too many high end stuff so still can’t say… but Sephora eye shades are amazing and they are not high end i believe. They have good quality and variety of mattes which is difficult to find in drugstore brands like L’oreal Maybelline etc., and the best part is they stay and enhance more over with time. I have literally slept and woken up with my eye shades on in place and I use all drugstore stuff underneath, so Sephora cosmetics are great!

8. What’s your go to hair style for a casual day?

My natural hair, air dried which are wavy/curly.

9. If you could keep just one nail product what would it be?

Filer, gotta  keep em in shape!

10. If you could design the perfect lipstick tube what would it look like?

Really sleek packaging something like Tom Ford (lipstick) and Nars logo. Thin and sleek/edgy.

10 random facts:

1. I love to read, mostly fiction, fashion mags and blogs.

2.I have successfully practiced drinking loads of water like 2-3 liters everyday. I still get pimples :/? lol

3. I love Kim Kardashian makeup.

4. I am into wearing chunky or statement earrings.

5. Loved Mad Men series. My all time favorite and can watch it all over again because there was so much fashion and makeup inspiration and the progression they show over the years just loved it.

6. Taking care of my nails is very important. They have to be clean decently shaped and look healthy hence I dive into my nail care every week if I cannot go for a mani/pedi trip in a month.

7. I love my morning coffee even though I don’t make the best coffee I believe.

8. Morning is my favorite time of the day and breakfast making is my most favorite meal to cook.

9. I love heels.

10. A keen observer at best.

The Rules:

1. State the name of the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the questions you were given.

3. List ten random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 10 people whose blog is about beauty or fashion.

5. Make 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

6. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

I nominate:


My 10 questions:

1.Who is you favorite YouTube makeup guru? brielfy why?

2. Favorite drugstore makeup brand?

3. Name 5 must have items from your favorite drugstore makeup brand for a first time shopper ?

4.Current summer makeup look?

5.Favorite DIY beauty receipe?

6.Best brush cleanser if you use any?

7.Give 2 tips for good blogging/beauty photography?

8.Cat eye red lip or smokey eye nude lip?

9. Share your best hair product?

10.Share your best bath product?

List 10 random fact about yourself!

Please link me if you decide to take this forward (to all people who are nominated) I love reading the responses. I think this is such a great way of sharing our thoughts and opinions in a brief way!

Take care everyone xx.

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