Fun with Flares


Flares are making a come back. Runways, street styles to famous fashionistas are all bringing the airy pants back. Yes our legs will now breathe a bit and the skin will look much better!

I started noting this trend on runways from New York to Paris 2-3 seasons ago, this season it has made its way into retail where you can find loads of styles at Zara and H&M and other various fast fashion outlets. However many have still kept the skinny jeans intact.

High waisted flares or boot cut jeans or pants are a great styles for people with curves and petites. This creates an illusion of taller legs and pairing it with nude heels/wedges completes the look. The length is key as the pants hem should touch the ground after wearing the heels (if you are going to pick one up, make sure you wear the relevant heels you want to wear with the pants).

Curvy body types and petites should opt for black or dark wash boot-cut styles. Pair it up with knot tops, crop tops or button downs (white crisp button downs add classic chic  with 70’s flare/ Gingham print is trending at the moment small or big your statement will be on vogue!

flares with Gingham print
flares with Gingham print

I really want to get hold of these pants and make it work but at the moment I’m still experimenting and they are not looking great. I think I haven’t found the right one yet (aahhh the struggle to find the perfect denim for oneself is real).


Let me know if anyone is opting for this trend and link me to your fashion posts would love to see how everyone styles it! Please join me on:



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