Beauty haul!!!

Currently I am on a beauty diet (yes, you read that right) which means trying my best to not see, drool or dare think of buying any new cosmetics. By the way if anyone of you have been on it what do you think is more difficult food diet or beauty diet (heheh)?


Anyways, I had to restock some of my essentials as a lot of important stuff is coming up and here I roll out the list: (some stuff is my fav and some are new)

1. Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation:

This is one of the best drugstore foundations, my second purchase. It can be sheer if applied lightly and become full coverage on adding layers. It comes in normal/dry skin or combination to oily skin with huge color variation. I am normal/dry skin and it has worked great for me.

2. Beauty UK nail colors:

The dusty mauve is an all year favorite since last year and the minty green is a summer love. The mauve is the new black for me. This color works well with bright colors in summers as well as pastel or muted tones in the winters. My colors Jade no.52 & smokey lilac no.5. I have tried only 1 shade of Beauty UK and so far it has a decent lasting color in a great price.

3.Luscious Studio Secret concealer:

I don’t now how many of you have heard about this brand but it has some great products. The concealer is definitely worth it. Recently they relaunched this in more than 3 shades which gives consumers better options. They offer worldwide delivery so definitely check it out. (

4. Luscious Velvet Matte pressed powder:

This is a new one for me. Initially I used to wear the Rimmel Match Perfect (wet/dry formula) pressed powder which was perfect but the stores don’t have it anymore (citing that the product has been discontinued) so I opted for this one. The tester was pretty good and I am hoping for the best in the summers. (

The last is a blush brush i just picked up at my local store. Let me know your thoughts and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (links on the side bar)!!!



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