What’s in my bag!

Since some stuff has been keeping me for a while I thought I would share a ‘what’s in my bag?’ blog! Someone once mentioned it was kinda nosy but I guess it’s fun to see if anyone wants to share.

What's in my bag!
What’s in my bag!

1. Lipstick: I think no girl/woman can get out without keeping one. I recently got Rimmel in no. 77 (Asia) and loving this nude shade for the summers. This is a pinky nude very good for tan/olive skinned people as for fairer skins this might give too much color on their lips. Fair skins should try Rimmel no.240 (Undressed) which is much more of a beige sandy nude.

2. Face powder: Rimmel Stay Matte face powder is great for humid summers to touch up lightly during the day. This powder does hold up oiliness and greasy effects. Apply lightly other wise it can look a little whitey/powdery.

3. Lip balm: I think you can get out without a lipstick but please don’t forget your balm. The Body Shop’s  pop art inspired collection had a fun illustration and on the product and it worked wonders on your lips keeping them moist in summers and winters.

4. Tissues/ hand sanitizer: I recently finished my hand sanitizer but so important to keep with you always specially where I live its dusty or greasy humid weather and pack for tissues for oil blotting is essential.

5. Fancy stationery: I love this one and also found this cute vintage kinda notebook at a flee market. I love recording things manually. The best, the size is perfect to keep in medium size bag.

6. Blush: Well I would usually keep my duo creme contour bronzer/blush by E.L.F but sadly I was mugged and it went in the purse. So now I am using Makeup Forever HD blush in no. 335. This is a dark tan shade is good for bronzing or using as a blush.

7. Hand creme/lotion: I cannot miss this item as I have dry skin and my hands look really bad if I don’t moisturize them properly. I love The Body Shop almond hand creme, gives instant shine and adequate moisture not sticky in the summer months. However, I am using Crabtree and Evelyn lotion (at the moment) in pomegranate argan and grapeseed oil. Its not that good but the 50ml tube is good for travelling purposes.

8. Perfume: Got this small bottle of Juicy Couture, Viva La Juicy. This size is great for on the go and smells fruity with hints of floral.

9. Comb: Wooden combs are essential for killing electric hair in the winters and dandruff away in sweltering summers.

Let me know your bag essentials and comment and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (links on the side bar)!


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