Summer baked updates!

Hello everybody!

First up, I am missing out on my posts as there was a heatwave in my city. The temperatures were record breaking and with majority of people fasting, you can imagine the situation was anything but pretty. However, I also believe I should manage my time better and be regular.

Anyways this post is basically my outfit and minimalist of makeup I guess I have ever worn because it was literally 44 degrees Celsius and this weather sucked the energy out of me.


  1. Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer under the eyes and around the nose (basically making a triangle under the eye).
  2. L’Oreal Million Lashes mascara and lash curler
  3. Light touch of L’Oreal blush in Golden apricot. Just applied on the high points of checks
  4. Rimmel lipstick in Asia 077

IMG_20150620_180735I completely forgot to do my brows I did comb them though. I was difficult to take a picture in decent day light.

IMG_20150424_191313 copy

My outfit is a traditional shalwar-kameez that is worn in my country. This clothing style consists of 3 pieces opposed to two basic shirt and pants in the west. The shalwar (bottom/pants) are traditionally different than the ones I am wearing. This is the modern version that has been added and the traditional shalwar has been replaced by pants or cigarette pants. The long orange cloth is a dupatta, it’s a longer/rectangular version of a scarf. We need it to cover our heads for specific reasons/times hence in our traditional wear this is a regular. The kameez (shirt) is a long tunic (as known in the west).

Generally we wear a lot of prints than people in the west. Embroideries and patterns are important wearing solids are reserved to specific styles or to western outfits that we also wear.

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Beauty Blogger Award!


Thank you elliesprettylittlelessons for nominating me, a great blogger everyone should check out her blog and Instagram as well!

The Rules:

  • Thank and follow the blog that nominated you
  • Display the award on your blog
  • Answer the questions given by the blogger who nominated you
  • Nominate other bloggers and link them
  • Create 10 questions for the nominated bloggers

The questions!

  1. How many people have you told about your blog in real life? One of my best friend and my mum!
  2. How many foundations do you own? 1 only. Revlon Color Stay
  3. How much time do you spend doing your makeup on a daily basis? 20-30mins
  4. What’s your favourite eyeshadow colour? This cranberry color I saw in a MAC palette.
  5. What’s your favourite makeup brush? The Expert Face brush by Real Techniques. I love how my foundation just sets into the right places.
  6. When you go to a drug store what brand do you look for first? Rimmel for lipsticks of lately.
  7. What was your first makeup item? Eye khol
  8. Do you regularly or have ever self tanned? LOL I am already wheatish/tan complexion and the area I live in the sun is so strong we get tanned easily. However, I would like to experiment with self tanning products for my legs!
  9. How do you feel about over drawn lips?  Nasty.hehe..I do not like that look.
  10. Do you contour on a daily basis? Yes I like it. I wasn’t into contouring for such a long time and now I’m a fan.

I hope you enjoyed this light-hearted post it’s a great chance for exploring other bloggers and getting support for fellow bloggers. I would keep the same questions and nominate:

1. Aerolinda

2. sprinkleofsurprise

3. muffinsandcouture

4. babbajazzleblog

5. rachelellisfashionandbeauty

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It’s detox time!

This is not a diet regime I am starting lol, just the month of Ramadan/Ramzan (in Urdu) is here. Since I am a Muslim I thought it would be nice to introduce you to the fasting month observed by all Muslims. It is a month in the Islamic calendar where we have to observe fasting from dawn till dusk.

This is particularly an exciting time for all Muslims because at the end we celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr (in short Eid) which is our biggest religious event like Christmas. Muslims follow the Lunar calendar that’s why our months are different from January, February but we normally follow that in our daily lives.

lifestyle pic

This month has a completely different aura about it. The excitement from its start and leading towards the end keeps us on our toes. Ramadan has come in summers for most of us except Australia and New Zealand (I believe who are in winter season at the moment) hence we observe very long fasting hours. In Pakistan (my native country) it will be for around 15 hours and some in Europe will go up to 20 hours max.

The fast it self is known as ‘roza’. The breakfast is known as ‘Sahur (Arabic) Seh-ri (Urdu). It is to be completed in the early hours of morning before the first rays cracks on to the sky. The breaking of the fast happens just as the sun dips and is known as ‘Iftar or Iftari time’. How do we know when the first rays come up and descend? We have prayer calls 5 times a day to inform us of timings hence, there is a prayer call and we know when to stop and when to break the fast!

I called it the detox month because not only its great for internal detoxing of the body but for Muslims its an important time to get involved into our religious and spiritual duties that many of us might ignore otherwise. It also increases our appetite strength which in turns teaches us to keep our nerves and body in control.

Traditionally, dates are an important part of the meal, especially to break the fast. Food is of course a big part of this month. Much of it has to be kept at bay but still many special treats for iftar time are prepared and usually prep starts  2 hours before (this is a cultural thing not a religious duty).

special iftar treat (middle) known as jalebi
special iftar treat (middle) known as jalebi

One of the best things in my country are the iftars set up on the side walks for people who cannot reach home in time or the poor who cannot afford to eat lavish iftar treats throughout the month. If you are stuck in traffic around 10-15 mins before iftar time, there will be people handing out water bottles, juice and a box of treats.

The malls and shopping areas a lit with decorative lights during the last 15 days as Eid is coming up and everyone is running here and there to grab their outfits, makeup, setting up their their homes in order for guests and making special treats for Eid (food again). This struggle is real people as the traffic gets worse and with fasting sometimes tempers roar on streets which is not the best sight and should be controlled.

During the last week we have a few ‘big nights’ where it is required for us pray all night. There are various iftar dinners and iftar parties that are hosted where guests are invited and lavish iftar and dinner treats are prepared at home. So keep in check for OOTD iftar, Fotd iftar lol and probably sehri (morning breakfast) will be more like “i woke up like this” blogs.

I can go on and on about this month as it is one of my favorite times of the year we wait for it eagerly! So to sum it all up I am excited to share my food and musings with all of you.

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Beauty Blogger Award!


First thanks a lot to lipglossbookworm for nominating me for the Beauty Blogger Award! She has some amazing product reviews so everyone must check it and is a very supportive blogger I must say!

The questions:

1. Lip Crayons or Lipstick : Preference?

OOO… I am a huge lipstick fan but these days I am leaning towards lip crayons. I love the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains and their matte version OMG full on color and very good lasting power stays even after you have food!

2. Who’s your favorite celebrity style inspiration?

I can’t name one Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham and Jenna Lyons.

3. Would you rather live without purple, green, or blue eye shadow?

Yes lol. I haven’t gone that experimental yet with my makeup.

4. In your travel bag or purse what is one beauty product?


5. Best moisturizing shampoo ever?

I really liked Davines Nourishing shampoo I found good for my fine hair but too sad I don’t get it in my city anymore.

6. Favorite scented makeup?

Omg I do not like scented makeup. I think it clashes with my perfume and there will be to much scent. I remember getting Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and being like omg it smells and not a fan of fruity scents was not happy. Though did get it and loved that product

7. Which brand do you think has the best eye products?

I don’t have too many high end stuff so still can’t say… but Sephora eye shades are amazing and they are not high end i believe. They have good quality and variety of mattes which is difficult to find in drugstore brands like L’oreal Maybelline etc., and the best part is they stay and enhance more over with time. I have literally slept and woken up with my eye shades on in place and I use all drugstore stuff underneath, so Sephora cosmetics are great!

8. What’s your go to hair style for a casual day?

My natural hair, air dried which are wavy/curly.

9. If you could keep just one nail product what would it be?

Filer, gotta  keep em in shape!

10. If you could design the perfect lipstick tube what would it look like?

Really sleek packaging something like Tom Ford (lipstick) and Nars logo. Thin and sleek/edgy.

10 random facts:

1. I love to read, mostly fiction, fashion mags and blogs.

2.I have successfully practiced drinking loads of water like 2-3 liters everyday. I still get pimples :/? lol

3. I love Kim Kardashian makeup.

4. I am into wearing chunky or statement earrings.

5. Loved Mad Men series. My all time favorite and can watch it all over again because there was so much fashion and makeup inspiration and the progression they show over the years just loved it.

6. Taking care of my nails is very important. They have to be clean decently shaped and look healthy hence I dive into my nail care every week if I cannot go for a mani/pedi trip in a month.

7. I love my morning coffee even though I don’t make the best coffee I believe.

8. Morning is my favorite time of the day and breakfast making is my most favorite meal to cook.

9. I love heels.

10. A keen observer at best.

The Rules:

1. State the name of the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the questions you were given.

3. List ten random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 10 people whose blog is about beauty or fashion.

5. Make 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

6. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

I nominate:


My 10 questions:

1.Who is you favorite YouTube makeup guru? brielfy why?

2. Favorite drugstore makeup brand?

3. Name 5 must have items from your favorite drugstore makeup brand for a first time shopper ?

4.Current summer makeup look?

5.Favorite DIY beauty receipe?

6.Best brush cleanser if you use any?

7.Give 2 tips for good blogging/beauty photography?

8.Cat eye red lip or smokey eye nude lip?

9. Share your best hair product?

10.Share your best bath product?

List 10 random fact about yourself!

Please link me if you decide to take this forward (to all people who are nominated) I love reading the responses. I think this is such a great way of sharing our thoughts and opinions in a brief way!

Take care everyone xx.

Fun with Flares


Flares are making a come back. Runways, street styles to famous fashionistas are all bringing the airy pants back. Yes our legs will now breathe a bit and the skin will look much better!

I started noting this trend on runways from New York to Paris 2-3 seasons ago, this season it has made its way into retail where you can find loads of styles at Zara and H&M and other various fast fashion outlets. However many have still kept the skinny jeans intact.

High waisted flares or boot cut jeans or pants are a great styles for people with curves and petites. This creates an illusion of taller legs and pairing it with nude heels/wedges completes the look. The length is key as the pants hem should touch the ground after wearing the heels (if you are going to pick one up, make sure you wear the relevant heels you want to wear with the pants).

Curvy body types and petites should opt for black or dark wash boot-cut styles. Pair it up with knot tops, crop tops or button downs (white crisp button downs add classic chic  with 70’s flare/ Gingham print is trending at the moment small or big your statement will be on vogue!

flares with Gingham print
flares with Gingham print

I really want to get hold of these pants and make it work but at the moment I’m still experimenting and they are not looking great. I think I haven’t found the right one yet (aahhh the struggle to find the perfect denim for oneself is real).


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Manicure Madness!

If you don’t have time to sit at the salon or can’t spend on mani/pedis worry not. Just follow these simple tricks at home to get perfect polished nails.

1. After taking of your nail color wash your nails with soap then gently rub the lemon wedge around your nails. This cuts the yellowness on the nails and gives them a fresh look.


2.Dip your hands and feet in warm water, add shampoo and a bit of olive oil (opt.) and mix nicely with hand; dip time 2 min minimum.

3. Apply a scrub and rub nicely going all the way to your elbows and knees. Elbows and knees get dark, lemon cleansing it every now and then keeps it clean and cuts the dark color.

4. Clean the scrub use a tooth brush or a manicure bristle brush to clean the nails and area around.


5. Apply a good moisturizer after pat drying so that it locks the moisture needed.

6. Voila your hands and feet are ready. I recommend doing this at night before sleeping if you are doing it at home, as you don’t need to wash or do anything and relax into bed after this.


Keep at least 2 wash cloths with yourself. I recommend trying The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling foot lotion/Intensive foot rescue and scrub they are easy on the budget and great products!


Try it out and let me know the results.

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Beauty haul!!!

Currently I am on a beauty diet (yes, you read that right) which means trying my best to not see, drool or dare think of buying any new cosmetics. By the way if anyone of you have been on it what do you think is more difficult food diet or beauty diet (heheh)?


Anyways, I had to restock some of my essentials as a lot of important stuff is coming up and here I roll out the list: (some stuff is my fav and some are new)

1. Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation:

This is one of the best drugstore foundations, my second purchase. It can be sheer if applied lightly and become full coverage on adding layers. It comes in normal/dry skin or combination to oily skin with huge color variation. I am normal/dry skin and it has worked great for me.

2. Beauty UK nail colors:

The dusty mauve is an all year favorite since last year and the minty green is a summer love. The mauve is the new black for me. This color works well with bright colors in summers as well as pastel or muted tones in the winters. My colors Jade no.52 & smokey lilac no.5. I have tried only 1 shade of Beauty UK and so far it has a decent lasting color in a great price.

3.Luscious Studio Secret concealer:

I don’t now how many of you have heard about this brand but it has some great products. The concealer is definitely worth it. Recently they relaunched this in more than 3 shades which gives consumers better options. They offer worldwide delivery so definitely check it out. (

4. Luscious Velvet Matte pressed powder:

This is a new one for me. Initially I used to wear the Rimmel Match Perfect (wet/dry formula) pressed powder which was perfect but the stores don’t have it anymore (citing that the product has been discontinued) so I opted for this one. The tester was pretty good and I am hoping for the best in the summers. (

The last is a blush brush i just picked up at my local store. Let me know your thoughts and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (links on the side bar)!!!


What’s in my bag!

Since some stuff has been keeping me for a while I thought I would share a ‘what’s in my bag?’ blog! Someone once mentioned it was kinda nosy but I guess it’s fun to see if anyone wants to share.

What's in my bag!
What’s in my bag!

1. Lipstick: I think no girl/woman can get out without keeping one. I recently got Rimmel in no. 77 (Asia) and loving this nude shade for the summers. This is a pinky nude very good for tan/olive skinned people as for fairer skins this might give too much color on their lips. Fair skins should try Rimmel no.240 (Undressed) which is much more of a beige sandy nude.

2. Face powder: Rimmel Stay Matte face powder is great for humid summers to touch up lightly during the day. This powder does hold up oiliness and greasy effects. Apply lightly other wise it can look a little whitey/powdery.

3. Lip balm: I think you can get out without a lipstick but please don’t forget your balm. The Body Shop’s  pop art inspired collection had a fun illustration and on the product and it worked wonders on your lips keeping them moist in summers and winters.

4. Tissues/ hand sanitizer: I recently finished my hand sanitizer but so important to keep with you always specially where I live its dusty or greasy humid weather and pack for tissues for oil blotting is essential.

5. Fancy stationery: I love this one and also found this cute vintage kinda notebook at a flee market. I love recording things manually. The best, the size is perfect to keep in medium size bag.

6. Blush: Well I would usually keep my duo creme contour bronzer/blush by E.L.F but sadly I was mugged and it went in the purse. So now I am using Makeup Forever HD blush in no. 335. This is a dark tan shade is good for bronzing or using as a blush.

7. Hand creme/lotion: I cannot miss this item as I have dry skin and my hands look really bad if I don’t moisturize them properly. I love The Body Shop almond hand creme, gives instant shine and adequate moisture not sticky in the summer months. However, I am using Crabtree and Evelyn lotion (at the moment) in pomegranate argan and grapeseed oil. Its not that good but the 50ml tube is good for travelling purposes.

8. Perfume: Got this small bottle of Juicy Couture, Viva La Juicy. This size is great for on the go and smells fruity with hints of floral.

9. Comb: Wooden combs are essential for killing electric hair in the winters and dandruff away in sweltering summers.

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The Sassy Editor!