Alert: Bob or lob? It Summer Hair!

Now when we were over the bob (only for a short time) there is a lob. The lob is a neckline/collar bone hair length style which is the biggest trend in hair at the moment. Who hasn’t seen a celebrity rocking this, the name list is so so long and adding.

Jennifer Lawrence started with a pixie adding side swept bangs, grew out in a textured bob and finally got the whispy lob.

JLaw from pixie to lob
JLaw from pixie to lob

A light layered lob along deep side part bangs in the front.  It looks both sleek and polished with straight and wavy hair. This is what we call hairgasm people.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian


Left to right: January Jones,Emma Stone,Lucy Hales
Left to right: January Jones,Emma Stone,Lucy Hale

Emma Stone has a one length lob with deep side part bangs. Lucy Hale on the other hand has choppy ends in a lob, the front is slightly longer till collar bone, the back length is till neck. Lucy hale has the edgier version January Jones sports a neckline lob which looks softer.

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is the best celebrity hair inspiration for hair cut and color. She has had some great cuts and the latest is the one in the middle and last (from left to right). Great ombre on short hair I must say. Again deep side part not really bangs.

The Latest edition

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

The long bob is now a lob. 2-3 years ago we used to call it a neckline bob (basically for people who did not prefer to chop so drastically). The lob came into being when stylists made choppy edgy ends at the bottom. Next we started seeing whispy ends (cone type ends) at the bottom with layers for softer touch. The length was neckline or till the collar bone. The lob is styled in a care free manner; air-dried waves best or tong/curling wand curls.

My own lob:


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Picture reference: Instagram, Harper’s Bazaar &Vogue.


8 thoughts on “Alert: Bob or lob? It Summer Hair!

  1. I got my hair cut into a long bob in January. I loved it, but I’m more partial to longer hair. I do think it’s my favorite option for shoulder length or shorter, though. It definitely made me feel more mature… which wasn’t something I was expecting!


  2. Hello, I very much enjoyed going through your post; super cool, interesting (and stylish too!!) Keep it up! Come check out my blog if you get the chance, I recently posted my favourite looks from Cannes film festival, would love to know what you think?
    Keep blogging,
    p.s. zoe kravitz also adopted to summer bob!


    1. Thanks a lot! and sure I will check your blog..lets connect soon.
      And so many celebs are getting it now i was tired of counting and couldn’t include all.. i saw Zoe’s, beyounce, karlie kloss, Taylor Swift so many 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have a lob and looove it. Still long enough to scrape back on lazy days. Love this post would be great if you could check my latest post out xxx


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