First I am a new blogger hence, the Liebster Award was something new to me but many thanks to Chole from ( who thought of me to be nominated.

So let’s begin with the Rules:

  • Each nominee must have under 1000 followers
  • Thank and link the nominating blog
  • Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees
  • Nominate 10 blogs and tell them they have been nominated (spread the love)
  • Write a post including all of the above and include the rules in the post

1)Describe your country?

My country is a mix of different ethnic backgrounds, cultures and languages, which makes us quite a colorful platter. The summers are hot the winters are cool and we always welcome the rain. My country has a beautiful northern side sharing the Himalayas and some real sassy tall peaks (if not the tallest), coming down scenic forests, valleys, deserts some really beautiful beaches. My country is Pakistan. Even though we suffer a very difficult time, we are a strong group of people waking up everyday and smelling inspiration and making it forward.
2) What’s your favourite book and why?

I recently completed Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” & Saadat Hasan Manto “Bombay Stories”. The Alchemist made me realize even more that the treasures are always within you and Manto’s book (a short story collection) made me laugh and gauge at his life as a writer, always exploring and finding people and writing about his experience with them. I do that as well so I enjoyed that.
3) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don’t over think this too much but i definitely want to climb a mountain (at least one in 10 years), learn a new language and explore different cultures, people, their food and way of life (in short travel). I see my self changing trains, on top of a mountain and spreading my arms wide open and jumping around 😉
4) Do you have any life advice that you always think back to?

When you are stuck, close your eyes and imagine you are at a higher ground and can see a city in the distance. Houses, trees, streets all look very small and congested and here you are at a higher ground breathing in open space . The advice here is, we will all find our higher ground and achieve what we want, it’s just when we are in the city we find everything is coming on to us and closing in on us and feel small. Just distance yourself for a moment and see the big picture, once you are where you want to be everything else will be small and nothing will be as important! (aa remember to open your
5) Fruit desserts or chocolate?

ALL..I am blessed to get some of the best fruits grown in my country and they taste heavenly hence the fruits are a must for us. Our cuisine has an array of desserts to die for so cannot miss that then chocolates…I think the way to a woman’s heart is chocolates so…all.

6) Are you religious?

No I am not but I certainly try to follow as much as I can everyday.
7) What’s your opinion on Edward Snowdon?

Poor thing came from the most democratic country in the World, whose govt. tells others to fight for freedom of speech/justice and he got caught in all that.
8) If you could have coffee and cake with anyone from history, who would it be and why?

Ok I think for now I will have the coffee and cake myself because I really cannot think of anyone from history I would like to talk to…
9) Are you an outdoorsy person?

Yes, I love to explore.
10) What’s something you’ve learnt today?

Learn to enjoy your own company, make a few good friends and try to build your passion with whatever you have, like they say jump of the cliff and build your wings on your way down.

Now I nominate :

1.  The C.G. Method

2.  Natalies Lovely blog

3. Ipsy vs Birchbox

4. The X Lifestyle Blog

5.V for Virtue

6.  Aero Linda

7. Cassandra Charles

8. Mone Positive Blog

9.  Amber Elizebeth

10. The First Hello

My 10 questions :

1. What made you start a blog?

2. Share one of your best life experiences.

3. What is your favorite book and author?

4. Any advice you would like to pass on?

5. Who is you style/fashion icon and why?

6. If you had to move countries, which one would you move to and why?

7. Share your 2 goals for 2015

8. What is your all time favorite movie?

9. What is your favorite time of the day?

10. what is your favorite drink?

Please link me if you decide to do to this and have a wonderful day!

Thanks xx.


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