Spring/Summer 2015: Denim runway trends

The waists are getting higher, bottoms are getting wider (lol), this is the denim edit of 2015 where it is bound to change the rhythm of the fabric.From the past couple of seasons I’ve been noticing a rise in the use of denim on main runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris. However, this year has really lifted the outlook of the jeans we have known. This season it gets better as we see the fabric being used in different cuts which give consumers more choice to play with their favorite denim (and pull out pieces from the 90’s or earlier, the 70’s).The retail industry has picked up a lot from the 70’s this year, hence we see the flares coming back.

Let’s start with the Runway trends of Spring/Summer 2015:


Dark denim is iconic and looks fab on everyone. The cut is a welcome relief of the skinny jeans days in the heat. A pair of sleek boot-cuts can be used for work and night-outs as well. Definitely get hold of a stripe tee/cotton button downs to make this look more versatile.

Boot Cut-Flare

2. Wide leg-ankle length:

This was shocking for me. I mean wide at the bottom and cut short, we’ve been so used to skinnies, I could not even imagine this but now I think this is definitely denim at its best to add the cool in the summers. The cut is getting versatile by adding comfort. However, now a days we also suffer from ‘the ugly pretty’ trend in the high fashion world (remember the Birkinstocks).

wide-ankle length

3. Patchwork and Decorative denim:

This is one of my favorite trends. Decorative denim can be self created as it gives a great chance for any denim wearer to add their personal touch. The trend might not be very long lasting hence you can splash paint or make a design, sow crystals or studs to create your own unique piece. This will also give you a chance to renew any old denim you are not using!


4. The jackets are back:

I don’t know how and when I will get a chance to wear this trend (as I have this amazing Levi’s jacket hanging from quite a few years) because its so hot where I live but for anyone who has a decent summer, please use them over dresses, jumpsuits, maxis anything. For a more daring look try using the jacket for a night event..how about that?


5. Distress the denim- yourself! 

This is another big trend staying for a while and retail has picked up on it well. Best you can create your own distress with a couple of home items courtesy Pinterest and Google.

Roberto Cavalli SS 2015

6. Various styles:

The runway was abuzz by models rolling out in :

a. Denim jumpsuits/onsie/romper

b. Denim skirts long/mid-length/short

c. Light wash denim

Invest in lighter washes and try white denim and faded blue pieces. White really adds a classic touch in denim and can be dressed up and down.

The one pieces coming back from the 70’s has really taken aback a lot of high fashion editors as well and it is here to stay. The skirts are still a trend, if you have something lying in your closet great. Again to complete these looks definitely have stripe tee and cotton or chambray button downs. Textured or printed blazers will also look great!

various denim

What is your favorite trend? Please leave a comment and join me:

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