Musing at the Cannes 2015! (Part 1)

The Sassy Editor

 The star buzzing film festival is here, yes I’m talking about the Cannes Film Festival. The red carpet is one magnificent element for fans and fashion crazies alike. Over the years critics have been vocal about how the red carpet segment takes away so much of the actual gest of the film festival which is after all to highlight the films not the stars.

However, I think L’Oreal main sponsor at Cannes does a great job to bring celebrities from all around the World and getting the film festival highlighted globally than just in a few countries or continent. This in turn makes Cannes film festival one of the most prestigious festivals around the World.

Now getting down to business, this is my take on who made the best the worst red carpet choices.

Let’s roll my red carpet here!

1. Katrina Kaif : 

   This was Indian film super…

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