The Sassy Editor speaks!

There’s something about summers that just brings a zing into our lives. It has something for everyone, some dread the hot sun and some crave for it to show up. When the cool air blows, it brings the energy back into the moods and that makes a memory in time. Honestly I am not a fan of this season, for starters my city gets a lot more sun than normal. The humid air just brings out the worst in most people like rising tempers, less focus on work, bad hair days and we can go on but what makes it all worthwhile, a glass of refreshing cool mint water (with a drizzle of lemon and chunks of cucumbers), the burst of vibrant colors of bloom, the sound of waves crashing onto the shores and starting every day with a notion, to brave the heat as well as our own rumbles down till the sunset.

We add the feel of refresh, regenerate and regain in summers more than ever because in a way it does teach us to get up every time and move ahead, move on no matter how bad the situation is. Nature teaches us a lot of life lessons which we forget sometimes are right around us whispering in our ears to get up and get going!

This summer I set out to crave something out for myself. Something that will define me, I want to explore, define my goals and be on a journey to achieve them. Keeping in mind that nothing lasts forever it is not imperative that this will only bring positive results but a positive outlook to look ahead and keep focus is the larger picture.

Hence, I came up with ‘The Sassy Editor’. This name came up after a good few sessions of brain storming, I was looking for a name which could encompass a host of topics related to fashion and lifestyle. Moreover, I wouldn’t mind, one day, sitting on an editor’s desk gauging at the final layout and content before sending the magazine for printout ;). This is a forum where the editor brings her flavor to everyday OOTDs, beauty experiments, spiced up runway and fashion event reports! What’s new, my perspective, everyone has their voice and it is important we give it an ear to broaden our horizons! Please give your feedback or useful tips and read on!

Thanks! xx


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