Sun burnt? Remedy here!

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The summers are scorching at least in my corner of the world, humidity is rising and no sign of rain. It should impossible for any one getting out of home to go without sun block but myself and I know a lot of people who forget.

So what do you do when you come back sun burnt and have patches of uneven skin tone, redness and burning sensation when you jump in the shower?

Well just take a tomato (before showering), grind it (you can even do it with a fork) and apply it where ever you feel your skin has been burnt. Keep it for 10-15 min and clean, remember not to rub your skin with any towels just pat dry.

Number 2, you can also add a few chunks of watermelon, 3-4 drops of lemon and mashed tomato also helps cure sun burns. Keep for 10-15 mins and clean.

Add tomatoes, watermelon pieces and few lemon drops

Before getting the worse result (of sun burns) prep your skin 30 mins before going out with good, broad spectrum high SPF 60+ with sunblock.

Try to get hold of chemical sunscreen if you apply makeup to not get the white effect. Physical sunscreens (available at counter) usually cause that whiteness issue, you just have to wait 10-15 mins to settle it down then apply makeup to avoid whiteness.

Please, if you live or travel to a hot and humid country remember anything less than SPF 60 will not work. Also if you invest in high end makeup investing in a good sunblock is more than that so save your cash and make the most of it!

Let me also know other remedies in the comment below!

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Alert: Bob or lob? It Summer Hair!

Now when we were over the bob (only for a short time) there is a lob. The lob is a neckline/collar bone hair length style which is the biggest trend in hair at the moment. Who hasn’t seen a celebrity rocking this, the name list is so so long and adding.

Jennifer Lawrence started with a pixie adding side swept bangs, grew out in a textured bob and finally got the whispy lob.

JLaw from pixie to lob
JLaw from pixie to lob

A light layered lob along deep side part bangs in the front.  It looks both sleek and polished with straight and wavy hair. This is what we call hairgasm people.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian


Left to right: January Jones,Emma Stone,Lucy Hales
Left to right: January Jones,Emma Stone,Lucy Hale

Emma Stone has a one length lob with deep side part bangs. Lucy Hale on the other hand has choppy ends in a lob, the front is slightly longer till collar bone, the back length is till neck. Lucy hale has the edgier version January Jones sports a neckline lob which looks softer.

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is the best celebrity hair inspiration for hair cut and color. She has had some great cuts and the latest is the one in the middle and last (from left to right). Great ombre on short hair I must say. Again deep side part not really bangs.

The Latest edition

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

The long bob is now a lob. 2-3 years ago we used to call it a neckline bob (basically for people who did not prefer to chop so drastically). The lob came into being when stylists made choppy edgy ends at the bottom. Next we started seeing whispy ends (cone type ends) at the bottom with layers for softer touch. The length was neckline or till the collar bone. The lob is styled in a care free manner; air-dried waves best or tong/curling wand curls.

My own lob:


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Picture reference: Instagram, Harper’s Bazaar &Vogue.

D.I.Y beauty: lip scrub

Have you heard of Lush lip scrubs? It is a raved product by big makeup/beauty buffs and I would love to get my hands on it if I had access but sadly it is not available near me. Hence I went forward and made out one for myself to pamper my lips. The result was was great, smooth soft lips.

Lush lip scrubs

Make a fast lip scrub this weekend and give you lips a taste of summer.

Lip scrub ingredients:

Take 1. sugar (crush or grind to make small granules),

2. mix a little honey, and

3.mix a little bit of coconut powder, best if you get shredded coconut (optional).

lip scrub
D.I.Y. lip scrub

Apply to lips and make small circular motions for 1-2 minutes.

Wipe with wash cloth and the results are satisfying none the less, best the mixture is edible and yummy.

Use this only once a week or twice in one week as I read, too much scrubbing can cause lines. But great to do it before going to an event or putting out a red lip which can really have the dead skin on display.

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Haute Beauty 2015

Summers are setting in and thankfully less is more makeup is still on a high! The beauty look at spring/summer 2015 runways was not constant or similar from New York to Paris. For instance, sleek clean eye liner made as much of an impact in shows as did heavy charcoal eyes. Over all less makeup on face was everywhere and some bright colors are making more of a statement now than last year! Most influential makeup, Pat McGrath puts it perfectly “This isn’t a girl who’s sitting around wondering if she looks perfect. This is a girl that’s lived.”

1. Bare Minimum:

Marc Jacobs at his spring/summer ready-to-wear (RTW) 2015, asked for absolutely no makeup, shocking for the fashion world to put this raw image on the runway. Others like Victoria Beckham, Channel and Jason Wu focused on dewy clean skin.

Left top:JasonWu,bottom:Chole,top right:Marc Jacobs
Left top:JasonWu,bottom:Chole,top right:Marc Jacobs

2. Lip service:

The orange-reds filled liveliness into the shows with Burberry, Zac Posen and Missoni. The face is clean with minimal contouring on the face/cheeks, tight lining the eyes with various reds on the pouts.

Flirty berry shades also followed at Dolce and Gabbana and Number 21 which reinstates lips will be focus this season.

left:Zac Posen, Right:Burberry Prorsum
left:Zac Posen, Right:Burberry Prorsum
Left:Dolce&Gabbana,Right: No.21
Left:Dolce&Gabbana,Right: No.21

3.Graphic liner:

The ladylike look with sleek and slightly winged was seen at Oscar De La Renta, Saint Laurant, Marchesa and Emillio Pucci. The face was kept simple.

Louis Vuitton was quite artistic with drawing flicks around the eye, where as others either went out with thick eye liner or smudged for creating a softer look like Sonia Rykiel.

Left top:OscarDeLaRenta,left bottom:Emillio Pucci, Right top: Louis Vuitton, right center:Saint Laurant, right bottom:Sonia Rykiel
Left top:OscarDeLaRenta,left bottom:Emillio Pucci, Right top: Louis Vuitton, right center:Saint Laurant, right bottom:Sonia Rykiel

4. Color PoP:

I’m loving the Peter Som look. The bright addition really gives a new outlook to makeup. White eye liner at Dior looks great as well. Recently I saw Jessica Alba sport the white liner at Met Gala 2015 event. It’s best to make eyes look bigger and more fresh. Ellie Saab got the 60’s blues back, brighter in the tear ducts.


5. Purple haze:

Tints and shades of purple are not going anywhere whether it be clothes or makeup. Derak Lam kept it subtle on the eyes while other like Mathew Williamson and Vera Wang went bold.

left:DerakLam,right:Mathew Williamson
left:DerakLam,right:Mathew Williamso

Rounding off beauty looks of spring/summer 2015, the hair mostly turned up simple air dried with waves or woodstock curls. Nail art is still a big trend and brows were not as prominent as before but were kept combed and neat not slimming any time soon.

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First I am a new blogger hence, the Liebster Award was something new to me but many thanks to Chole from ( who thought of me to be nominated.

So let’s begin with the Rules:

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1)Describe your country?

My country is a mix of different ethnic backgrounds, cultures and languages, which makes us quite a colorful platter. The summers are hot the winters are cool and we always welcome the rain. My country has a beautiful northern side sharing the Himalayas and some real sassy tall peaks (if not the tallest), coming down scenic forests, valleys, deserts some really beautiful beaches. My country is Pakistan. Even though we suffer a very difficult time, we are a strong group of people waking up everyday and smelling inspiration and making it forward.
2) What’s your favourite book and why?

I recently completed Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” & Saadat Hasan Manto “Bombay Stories”. The Alchemist made me realize even more that the treasures are always within you and Manto’s book (a short story collection) made me laugh and gauge at his life as a writer, always exploring and finding people and writing about his experience with them. I do that as well so I enjoyed that.
3) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don’t over think this too much but i definitely want to climb a mountain (at least one in 10 years), learn a new language and explore different cultures, people, their food and way of life (in short travel). I see my self changing trains, on top of a mountain and spreading my arms wide open and jumping around 😉
4) Do you have any life advice that you always think back to?

When you are stuck, close your eyes and imagine you are at a higher ground and can see a city in the distance. Houses, trees, streets all look very small and congested and here you are at a higher ground breathing in open space . The advice here is, we will all find our higher ground and achieve what we want, it’s just when we are in the city we find everything is coming on to us and closing in on us and feel small. Just distance yourself for a moment and see the big picture, once you are where you want to be everything else will be small and nothing will be as important! (aa remember to open your
5) Fruit desserts or chocolate?

ALL..I am blessed to get some of the best fruits grown in my country and they taste heavenly hence the fruits are a must for us. Our cuisine has an array of desserts to die for so cannot miss that then chocolates…I think the way to a woman’s heart is chocolates so…all.

6) Are you religious?

No I am not but I certainly try to follow as much as I can everyday.
7) What’s your opinion on Edward Snowdon?

Poor thing came from the most democratic country in the World, whose govt. tells others to fight for freedom of speech/justice and he got caught in all that.
8) If you could have coffee and cake with anyone from history, who would it be and why?

Ok I think for now I will have the coffee and cake myself because I really cannot think of anyone from history I would like to talk to…
9) Are you an outdoorsy person?

Yes, I love to explore.
10) What’s something you’ve learnt today?

Learn to enjoy your own company, make a few good friends and try to build your passion with whatever you have, like they say jump of the cliff and build your wings on your way down.

Now I nominate :

1.  The C.G. Method

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10. what is your favorite drink?

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Spring/Summer 2015: Denim runway trends

The waists are getting higher, bottoms are getting wider (lol), this is the denim edit of 2015 where it is bound to change the rhythm of the fabric.From the past couple of seasons I’ve been noticing a rise in the use of denim on main runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris. However, this year has really lifted the outlook of the jeans we have known. This season it gets better as we see the fabric being used in different cuts which give consumers more choice to play with their favorite denim (and pull out pieces from the 90’s or earlier, the 70’s).The retail industry has picked up a lot from the 70’s this year, hence we see the flares coming back.

Let’s start with the Runway trends of Spring/Summer 2015:


Dark denim is iconic and looks fab on everyone. The cut is a welcome relief of the skinny jeans days in the heat. A pair of sleek boot-cuts can be used for work and night-outs as well. Definitely get hold of a stripe tee/cotton button downs to make this look more versatile.

Boot Cut-Flare

2. Wide leg-ankle length:

This was shocking for me. I mean wide at the bottom and cut short, we’ve been so used to skinnies, I could not even imagine this but now I think this is definitely denim at its best to add the cool in the summers. The cut is getting versatile by adding comfort. However, now a days we also suffer from ‘the ugly pretty’ trend in the high fashion world (remember the Birkinstocks).

wide-ankle length

3. Patchwork and Decorative denim:

This is one of my favorite trends. Decorative denim can be self created as it gives a great chance for any denim wearer to add their personal touch. The trend might not be very long lasting hence you can splash paint or make a design, sow crystals or studs to create your own unique piece. This will also give you a chance to renew any old denim you are not using!


4. The jackets are back:

I don’t know how and when I will get a chance to wear this trend (as I have this amazing Levi’s jacket hanging from quite a few years) because its so hot where I live but for anyone who has a decent summer, please use them over dresses, jumpsuits, maxis anything. For a more daring look try using the jacket for a night about that?


5. Distress the denim- yourself! 

This is another big trend staying for a while and retail has picked up on it well. Best you can create your own distress with a couple of home items courtesy Pinterest and Google.

Roberto Cavalli SS 2015

6. Various styles:

The runway was abuzz by models rolling out in :

a. Denim jumpsuits/onsie/romper

b. Denim skirts long/mid-length/short

c. Light wash denim

Invest in lighter washes and try white denim and faded blue pieces. White really adds a classic touch in denim and can be dressed up and down.

The one pieces coming back from the 70’s has really taken aback a lot of high fashion editors as well and it is here to stay. The skirts are still a trend, if you have something lying in your closet great. Again to complete these looks definitely have stripe tee and cotton or chambray button downs. Textured or printed blazers will also look great!

various denim

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NEWS: Fashion giant Balmain and H&M collab

(Left) Jourdan Dunn, Olivier Rousteing and Kendall Jenner (right) at the Billboard Music Awards 2015

You heard it right, it is confirmed that retail giant H&M has locked Balmain in a collaboration and it is all set to release mid November.

Olivier Rousteing (Creative Director) debuted two designs when he made an appearance with model Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner at the Billboard Music Awards last night. The buzz started and soon it was confirmed by both parties that fans will get a taste of the luxury fashion house through H&M.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Even though there have been critics who suggest that luxury fashion should not get accessible as they should maintain exclusivity. Luxury fashion houses have still made collaborations with retail brands for larger audiences. Through social media boom elite fashion houses have realized that audiences are now more connected to brands who keep their audience up-to-date and large fashion houses don’t want to be pushed aside to a certain group. They still want audiences to keep there idea in mind and follow them to keep the aspiration value alive.

The Selfie game will be strong in this collab!!
The Selfie game will be strong in this collab!!

Rousteing quoted in his Vogue interview that he wanted to connect with his generation through this collab. Now can’t wait for that collection. I personally loved the beaded jacket Kendall was wearing.

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Beauty Bite at Cannes (Part 3)

A quick bite into the Cannes Film Festival 2015 celebrity galore, let’s see the top beauty looks that dazzled the red carpet:

1. Sonam Kapoor

Indian beauty came out with winged liner, bold orange lips and hair ready for a commercial. The royal blue Ralph and Russo gown was immaculate nothing short of Sonam Kapoor’s fashion aesthetic she is known for. Her look was paired with Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

2. Aishwarya Rai

Still not on the red carpet, a regular at the Cannes every year looked fresh at a gender discussion hosted by Variety magazine at the Cannes. The crimson red lip went perfect with her dress and her skin tone. Winged eye liner and slightly bronzed face with blow dried hair completed the look. She wore a Sabyasachi foral jumpsuit from their S/S 2015 resort collection.

Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai

3. Doutzen Korres

Super model Doutzen looked great in khol eyes with the white Atelier Versace dress. Completed the look by nude tone lip and a messy bun.

Doutzen Korres
Doutzen Korres

4. Sienna Miller

The British looked classic in simple makeup and a matte bright red shade. Charlotte Tilbury, famed makeup artist created the look by her own line of cosmetics and used ‘Lost cherry matte revolution lipstick’.

Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller

A lot of celebrities went with clean makeup look that is fresh face or a glossy face paired winged liner and nude/pink lip, however I love when they add a bit more to it specially lipstick. I will be trying out these myself soon let’s see the result! More news and updates will follow. The festival started from May 13, 2015 and will go on till May 24, 2014. Please leave a comment of what you thought and join me:



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The women in COLOR @ Cannes 2015 (Part 2)

As the festival continues we see beautiful creations of designers. This time a lot of leading ladies chose to wear colors rather than keeping it all black and white.

1.Diane Kruger in Dior: 

This blue is key this Spring/Summer 2015 completing the  look with nude ankle straps and lob with curls in the end. Just effortless and clean!

attends the "Disorder" photocall during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 16, 2015 in Cannes, France.
Diane Kruger

2. Charlize Theron:

She glowed in yellow like no other at the Mad Max:Fury Road premier. The Dior gown thankfully did no give way to omelette memes like a few weeks ago (ahem: Rihanna).

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

3. Miranda Kerr

Where is Kim Kardashian??? Low neckline and high slits are her forte. Well Miranda kicked it. Not exactly at the red carpet, she was attending a Magnum after-party at the Cannes. The pink by Emanuel Ungaro was ethereal. A red matte lip was the first I have seen paired with pink and I love it.

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr

4. Lupita Nyongo

This beauty killed it at the opening ceremony in one of the best grass hopper green, and of course the walk with her gown flowing and kicking like a Disney Princess. The detailing on the sides of her neckline was exquisite finishing of with cool tone lotus purpley tone lip just added more vibrancy.

Lupita Nyongo
Lupita Nyongo

More news and updates will follow. The festival started from May 13, 2015 and will go on till May 24, 2014. Please leave a comment of what you thought and join me:



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