Tempt Tuesdays: Korean Beauty Update


Korean skin care products have stormed the beauty industry lately and with good reasoning. Asian beauty in general focuses a lot on nurturing skin inside out moreover, there are skin care remedies are passed on through generations and focuses on prolonged usages.

Today I will review the mask sheets which have become synonymous to the skin care regime of many. I took 3 for try outs however, honestly the results are cosmetic and you need to buy a bunch to really see if it the skin is adapting positively.

(L) Innisfree mask sheet in Lime (R) dear Klairs rich moist soothing sheet mask

In addition, these are not cost effective. It may seem one mask is for (approx.) USD$ 3-7 (PKR 300-500) but if you buy a month’s supply it will add up to the cost of any high end skin care product.

I tried dear Klairs rich moist soothing mask, innisfree It’s real squeeze mask in lime, PUREDERM eye and neck hydro gold gel mask . The first and the later being my favorite and definitely will stock up on more.


Use the masks at night after cleansing, take a warm wet towel to put on your face so when the mask is on, your skin absorbs the ingredients and work the magic. The mask sheets are huge and very moist, I recommend taking the moisture/formula from the sheet, rolling and massaging (upward direction) around the neck as well.In the last 5 mins you can put it over your eyes.

Total time 15-20 min, don’t wash the face, leave it and wash in the morning. My skin was quite supple and soft in the morning and you look more clean and awake. I  prefer using the PUREDERM eye and neck masks before going to any big/important events.

These masks are definitely travel friendly and good for looking great during work trips when skin can get dehydrated due to long flights and sun burns.

summer banner

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The Sassy Editor!

Top 5: Work Essentials

lifestyle1Since work has been top of mind for quite a few months, I thought to share a few work favorites:

1. Lipsticks: 

(L-R) NYX-SAN PAULO,Medora-EPIC NIGHT(MATTE),Rimmel-103,YSL-70, Revlon Matte Balm-SULTRY

I love opaque lip  colors, hence, jetting out with some nude and bold shades these days. Trying to get the hang of brown but (lol) I end up removing and adding pink to it.

2. Pointed flats:

These are true work essentials, comfortable, sleek and professional. They look look on point for any meeting and office day out.

3. Palmer’s (Multi-Effect) Perfecting Facial Oil with Vit.E:

Since the centrally air conditioning system has made my skin dry, I use it before makeup and my skin looks healthy all day long. No dry patches!


4. Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins:

This is packed with ingredients that keep the skin soft and supple in the morning.  You feel awake and refreshed as soon as you get out of bed. Full sized product is pricey but i believe it will be worth it.

5. Mint/lemon water:

This is a summer essential, with temperatures rising to 38 degrees Celsius water is just not enough, the mint and lemon/cucumber, detoxify the body and help in keep it cool.




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Review: L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Exfoliate and Refine Pores


I was excited to see the budget friendly masks online and moved to the counter as soon as I reached my local store.

First I was interested in getting the L’Oreal Pure Clay Purify and Mattify clay mask (green one) but was informed by the salesperson that it works well with oily skin and will give a smooth & mattifying look.


I retracted because I have dry skin; however, she suggested the Pure Clay Exfoliate and Refining pores clay mask with red algae to revive dry/dull skin.

Apply a nice even layer not to thin, covering the neck area leaving it for 10-15 mins max. Take room temperature or warm water, just sprinkle some water on to the fingers and massage the skin softly.

DO NOT wet hands and remove the mask, the key is to keep it wet enough that the massage can be done easily without skin being pulled or stretched harshly. This will clean & remove dead skin, open clogged pores and makeup impurities. Clean with a wash cloth in the end.

loreal clay mask

The mask has a strong scent which I did not like, however, the after effects are soft and supple clean skin which shows slightly after the first use but if you regularly apply it weekly, it has helped my skin to be even and smooth. Meanwhile, I have not seen the brightening effect claim as of yet.

I’ve been using it for a month, once a week only. It does suggest you can use it 2-3 times a week however, I’m skeptical about using scrub type masks too often as the skin can get irritated due to the grains. At times I did use to before attending an event or for special occasions which would make it twice a week.


Scrub/mask: 8/10

Repurchase: 6/10

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Style Files: Day to Night Fall

My first fall outing


I wore a denim shirt (could be a denim jacket as well) for the day and went without it at night. The jogger pants are super comfortable and look dressy as well. Paired the look with a classic fall red lip and maroon nails.


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Style files: Kim Kardashian

Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian-West.

The reality star known for her flawless selfies, makeup and bold outfit choices either has haters or lovers there are no in betweens. Here are some of her best moments!


The blonde hair and the lob were my favourite!

red lip

Though she mostly goes with the nude lip I think she looks amazing in glossy and matte red shades.


Most of her styles fall into the neutral palette, however I collected a group of pictures which are not only her best looks but also gives us great fall/winter colors and outfit inspiration and the ombre on the left is goals!

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Mid-Week happenings


It’s mid week (hump day lol) and I decided to come out black and white. The mood is stern for the grind                                      to the weekend bloggers,  I have to say my heels made up for my slouchy mood. Painted my nails apple green reminds me of Halloween some how.OOTD1-1 I kept makeup minimal and focused on a bright pink lip (Revlon Just Bitten in Lovesick) that just adds a zing to my mood.


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Brewing-Outfit of the day



It’s still hot out here hence I decided to go with a light traditional long shirt (kurta)  with minimal colors and print. This is how we do ‘dress over pants’. I chose chunky bangles and decided to go with slightly more makeup on the eyes than I do on other days.  I kept the lips nude and chose to continue with strobbing on the face (here) , sadly as I was in hurry so I could not grab a picture for the completed face look.


I have been trying out the Lorac Pro (1) palette lately and loving it. The shades used here are mauve on the lid, sable and espresso on the corners and light pink on the tear duct area. Ohh and I also forgot to put mascara altogether.

LOL I look funny!

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Nail on Point


This winter season will see some bright hues in addition to classic deep shades. The statement making colors will undoubtedly be deep emerald green, royal blue and maroon, nude will remain a classic come summer or winter. The mint and orange will all look great with mustard, marsala and rust shades.

For people with wheatish/tan/olive skin tones remember to select metallic finish or add shiny top coat to keep your skin tone looking fresh. I have noticed sometimes white and maroon colors can make my skin look dull, keeping the shine really upgrades the look of the hands and skin.

nail picks 2015-2016

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